AxesTrack Integrating Technology with Analytics for Logistics

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AxesTrack is a fast growing brand ventured by a passionate team of industry experts from IITs, IIMs and BITS . They are dedicated to the field of GPS based vehicle tracking solutions and its exhaustive data analytics. Proficient in providing valuable solutions, AxesTrack has established itself as one of the most trusted GPS tracking providers among esteemed partners and well satisfied customers. As of now, AxesTrack has 1 Lakh+ vehicles to its credit with a quarterly growth of 40%. AxesTrack is committed to continue its rapid advance in the GPS and Location based Analytics market.
AxesTrack considers its core capability to be in processing and manipulating location and GPS data and delivering different types of analyses, tools, and dashboards accessible on multiple platforms. Consequently, AxesTrack has a wide gamut of Web and Mobile software solutions available for different applications and industry types.
AxesTrack has an array of solutions that help in management of logistics operations, passenger transportation, fleet management, supply & distribution as well as pickup and drop services.AxesTrack’s Logistics Management Solution, its flagship product, is a unified web and mobile platform to manage and monitor the Operations, Traffic and Finance for any Logistics heavy operation. The solution offered is comprehensive with ERP and RFID integration, ensuring fast and efficient flow of information. It provides different dashboards and tools to suit the relevant needs of different stake-holders across the organization hierarchy.

Differentiating Factors and Revenue Model

•AxesTrack, since its inception, has devoted considerable resources for the storage, management, and analysis of big data. It sees data as the answer to complex industrial problems.
•AxesTrack’s founders come from an analytical background, which is well reflected in the company’s ideology. AxesTrack uses its analytical skills to design insightful reports across all verticals.
•AxesTrack has a wide network presence covering more than 300+ cities across the globe. AxesTrack’s direct clients are served in over 80+ locations, and its partner network covers over 250+ locations in the country.
•AxesTrack has a consulting approach. The focus is on designing solutions rather than selling them, which has helped AxesTrack tremendously in identifying technology deficient areas across various verticals
AxesTrack’s revenue is segmented into two divisions, B2B and B2C. Apart from designing logistics management modules for direct clients, Axestrack has a 450+ strong dedicated partner network which helps penetrate the unorganized market. There are independent teams for both divisions, reflecting AxesTrack’s ideology of ‘complete growth’ and expansion across all verticals.

Axestrack’s Offices:

Headquartered in New Delhi, AxesTrack has offices in Jaipur, Mumbai and Bangalore. On-ground service network presence, however, is spread over 300+ cities in India.


Few of the many renowned names: Ultratech Cement, Ola Cabs, Wonder Cement, TVS Motors, L&T, GVK EMRI, DARCL, Khaitan and many more

How does the company build a successful customer base?

AxesTrack’s approach, right from the start, has been to design the solution for the client. This consulting approach allows AxesTrack to accurately identify the problem areas that a customer faces and develop the appropriate solution for their organization. This helps AxesTrack maintain a happy customer base leading to high retention and reference rates which is especially crucial for its service based delivery model
AxesTrack’s focus on customer satisfaction is well noticed by its partner network, who follow the footsteps of the company. AxesTrack equips its partners with complete end to end solutions and a 24/7 IT support team, which is responsible for the best local support provided by AxesTrack’s service providers.

What are the marketing initiatives you have used to promote your business?

AxesTrack has extensively used all digital platforms to promote its business. Apart from a social media presence on all renowned networking sites, AxesTrack has an active blog where all the latest developments are discussed. We also regularly contribute to industry symposiums, conferences and editorials which further strengthen the company’s brand name.

How many employees are working here? What kind of culture exists in the company?

AxesTrack has quickly grown to employ more than 100 people across all offices.AxesTrack has a very open culture with a flat hierarchy that promotes efficient decision making supported by free and open discussion.

What are the major milestones for the company since founding?

AxesTrack, presently, has over 1 Lakh vehicles on its portal, with another 20,000 in the pipeline through some renowned industrial customers.

What is the business problem it hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings?

AxesTrack aims to improve the logistics industry’s standards by using analytics, big data and IOT to optimize the operations where-ever possible.

Future Plans of your organizations.

AxesTrack envisions to be the market leader across all verticals in the logistics market. By approaching each customer with utmost sincerity and seriousness, building unit by unit, AxesTrack has come a long way where it has a comprehensive set of modules for almost all industry types. The technology service provider space in the logistics industry is highly fragmented, with most of the companies using multiple service providers to fulfill their technical requirement of information, processes and operations management and optimization. AxesTrack aims to fill this gap by providing complete end to end solutions. From procurement to production planning, inventory management to warehouse optimization, booking allotment to consignment delivery, AxesTrack is your one stop solution for complete supply chain management.

Please share about your company’s Awards & Recognitions, if any.

•Recognized as 1 Most Promising Logistics and Transportation Technology Providers on CIO Review, September edition, 2016
•Featured on Business Talk in A&S India Magazine, November, 2016

Co-founders brief background:

Harman Singh Arora, the CEO and Co-Founder of AxesTrack, is a serial entrepreneur. He is a business strategy expert with a knack of structuring great deals.
Abhit Kalsotra, the CTO and Co-Founder is a Tech-Guru who revels in designing simple solutions to complex problems. He brings with him stellar experiences in various technology behemoths like Nokia, Microsoft.
Vignesh Sridharan, the CPO of AxesTrack is an Analytics specialist with a keen eye for new avenues and expansion opportunities. He has had diverse experiences in Marketing and Operations capacities in FMCG and Logistics industries.

How do you learn in your life and what is your biggest dream?

Life in itself is a lesson. Every day brings with it new challenges, opportunities, experience and wisdom. Having said that, I feel the most that one can learn from is failure, and one should always see it as an opportunity to try something new, something different, rather than worry about it. Introspection, on a regular basis, is important to correct the course of one’s progress.
There is no one big dream. My motto in life is to keep adding value in whatever way that I can, with each passing day.

Tell me about when you failed. How did you overcome?

I don’t see failure as a hindrance to progress. I consider it a stepping stone to success, with each failure teaching me more than success. Over-coming a failure needs understanding of the reasons for the same, understanding what can be done differently, and on top of it appreciation for chance.

What was your journey like to get where you are?

It has been a very exciting journey for me and my whole team. We have come a long way, often exceeding our quarterly targets. There is a culture of innovation in the company, and this is one of the most satisfying feelings for me. Company will continue to grow, sometimes exceeding its expectations and sometimes falling short on the targets, but the culture which it gives birth to always remains the same.

Tell me how you’ve approached change.

Change is inherent to work and life alike. It is change, which challenges the status quo to grow, develop and transform in line with the future. In fact, one of our mottos is to bring change to the way industries manage their operations and instill the use of technology in day-to-day operations. Consequently, we, at AxesTrack, have a culture of welcoming change. It helps us in keeping updated and motivated.

What was the most difficult lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

There are many lessons that one can learn from being an entrepreneur. Not all of them are work related, some lessons add value to your personal life as well. Even then, the most important lesson I would say was the importance of passion in a start-up. It takes a lot of experience, innovation, team-work, networking and capital to build a start-up successfully, but the most important ingredient of a successful story is passion. It is natural for the founders to have passion, but it is equally important to imbibe that in every employee of the company. AxesTrack has come a long way to be able to say that every member of the company is as passionate as the founders. With the free and open culture at AxesTrack since its inception, I must admit, this was not the most difficult lesson, but the most interesting one.

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