William G. Adams, President and CEO of NSC Diversified, 10 Best Entrepreneurs of Year 2020

William G. Adams
President and CEO of NSC Diversified

William G. Adams, President and CEO of NSC Diversified, 10 Best Entrepreneurs of Year 2020

“Building an Instituion”

After a life-time of sales jobs, sales managements roles, and repeated climbs up the ladder, William G. Adams, President and CEO of NSC diversified made a decision to leave Corporate America in 2010, and take a huge leap. He purchased his own company, and taking over a mom and pop organization that had more of a “storefront” feel since it opened the doors in 1987. He and his team transformed it into a firm by creating a corporate environment w/ strict focus on making the office a place that people want to come to work and by building a structured marketing plan centered around a revamped website, local recognition opportunities, and the consistent branding of employee uniforms, service and delivery vehicle skins, building façade, and even the back wall that accents the first steps into the office!

"William Adams made a decision to leave Corporate America in 2010, and take a huge leap."

William has spent significant assets on developing a strong and progressive technology platform that pairs with the clear and concise go-to-market strategy that NSC Diversified has been developing, improving, and perfecting since 2010 and is still using today. What makes him a true pioneer is Leadership. “I know this is a common word and way over used word as it relates to business leaders, but true leaders have the ability to create a business that revolves around their vision, their beliefs and their passion. I have made my passion for customers and employees my platform for success,” he adds.

According to William, the secret behind NSC Diversified’s success is keeping customers and employees first, profits second. “If you focus on constantly improving every aspect of your customers experience you will gain lifelong customers,” he says. “Same holds true for your employees create a work environment were people want to come to work, they enjoy their coworkers and customers and they treat them like family.” With a corporate background, William wanted to create a company where their number 1 focus on customers and employees. This is why NSC Diversified was born.

The company is concentrating on reducing the customers’ hardware footprint up front and assisting them with attaining a significantly higher level of sustainability and, most importantly, reducing printing costs overall. They map each of the customers print devices to the specific location within their facility. “Then we look at usage data by device by location. Once we have this data, we overlay all devices on the customer provided floor plan. We show the customer where the devices are located and print volume by device,” explains William. “Then we make recommendations on what devices can be eliminated based on print volume and location of devices. On average we reduce our customers hardware foot print by over 30%.”

But the steadfast leader is not only transforming companies, he is assisting the community’s he surrounded to grow and prosper. “My Father was a firm believer therefore I’m a firm believer in giving back to the community that has given so much to me and my family. This is NOT a write a check commitment, this is a roll your sleeves up and get involved commitment,” he says. “I’ve served on the Rockwood School District Board of Education for 6 years. I served on the St. Louis Minority Business Council Board for 5 years. I’m currently serving as Chairman of the Board for an organization called KidSmart. We provide school supplies for students on the free and reduced lunch program. Last year we provided over 7 million dollars’ worth of free supplies to over 73,000 students. I’m been on the Board of Directors for 6 years and the Board Chair for the last 4 years.”

For William if one believes to stay the course, they can become the best they can be at what they do then can look to expand their products and services. “Because of COVID-19 the industry like most has taken a big hit when you’re in the consumable business and people don’t consume your business suffers. This is going to provide opportunities for expansion through acquisition,” says William. “NSC Diversified is currently perusing some acquisition opportunities. We have also recently signed contracts to take over the Managed Print Services programs for one of are major suppliers.” IE


NSC Diversified


William G. Adams
President and CEO of NSC Diversified


NSC Diversified provides Managed Print Services and digital workplace technology.

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