Valerie Madiedo, Co-Founder at Panorama Mortgage Group, Top 10 Admired Leaders of 2022

Valerie Madiedo
Panorama Mortgage Group

Valerie Madiedo, Co-Founder at Panorama Mortgage Group

“An unwavering entrepreneurial partner”

“Home is where our stories develop and memories are built”, says Valerie Madiedo, Co-Founder at Panorama Mortgage Group. “A home builds pride, fulfillment, and family. It's a long-term, generational investment and we want people to experience the gratification that comes with homeownership.”

Valerie's enthusiasm for helping others permeates in every aspect of her business. Panorama Mortgage Group was formed to help minority borrowers accomplish the “American Dream” of Homeownership. Her passion and contribution to help grow the firm is demonstrated by her ability and adaptability to assume any necessary function. Most at the company call Valerie our very own “firefighter” or “company mom”. She embodies what a servant leader looks like and focuses on areas where the business needs her most, as it evolves and grows.

As a leader, Valerie believes that that people never stop learning and being imperfect are perfect opportunities for finding a better way. She sees vulnerability as a strength and opportunity for personal growth. She believes that failures create chances to explore what we could have done better and how to better adapt in the future.

"I’m okay not knowing everything, I don’t think I’m supposed to" says Valerie. “Actually, I like learning and being more curious about things, than knowing a lot of things.” This is one of the most valuable lessons she has learned in her last 23 years in the Mortgage industry. She goes on to say that “No one is born knowing. What allows us to grow personally and professionally is to be real and not pretend to know something you don’t, for me, that is more of a pet peeve when people do that.” She integrates this into the company's culture by encouraging others to speak up if they have questions, need clarification, or just don’t know. “I get excited when there’s confusion or need for clarification, because that's where learning starts”, explains Valerie.

On the subject of people and technology, Valerie believes that new and innovative mortgage technologies will continue to help to simplify and streamline processes for both borrowers and mortgage professionals. She expects the industry to continue to implement more technology to improve both the cost to produce a mortgage and the experience a borrower has, and becoming more digital than just paperless.

The culture, according to Valerie, is the strongest aspect that sets Panorama apart from the competitors. She attributes the company's success to its focus on creating a coaching and mentoring environment to borrowers and team members, as well as maintain that familial culture within the organization.

Valerie notes that Panorama Mortgage Group's continued growth in the diverse market segments over the past several years is one of their greatest accomplishments. She explains that the organization loves to provide entrepreneurs who are overlooked and undervalued the opportunity to expand their own businesses by joining the PMG family. As a result, Panorama is able to share the joy of homeownership with an increasing number of borrowers as the enterprise grows.

As Panorama continues to bring new brands on board, Valerie makes a point to be as accessible as possible and ensure that each brand president has the tools and resources needed in order to succeed. She makes herself readily available and is seen as an open book to share her experience and expertise with others.

The founding purpose of Panorama Mortgage Group was to assist minority borrowers. Panorama has been able to offer one-of-a-kind solutions to borrowers around the nation as a result of their diverse portfolio of businesses. Panorama continues to add more products and new brands, each of which has a a purpose and mission drive focus. IE


Panorama Mortgage Group


Valerie Madiedo
Panorama Mortgage Group


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