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Tony Williams Rare
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Be a transformational leader

Under Tony Williams Raré's direction, the company, Global IT, offers managed services and IT support in Los Angeles. They are a source of their employees' pride. In their work and concern for the enterprise environments they serve; they offer managed IT, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and cloud services in addition to excellent customer support. They desire success for clients, in their areas of expertise. Global IT’s six locations - Whittier (2), DTLA (2), Santa Monica (1) & Phoenix (1) - serve professional organizations with 50-1000+ desktop users by offering proactive and adaptable support choices.

Tony is a transformational leader who values and cares about his team. He strives to inspire the same qualities in those around him by serving as an example of serenity, self-assurance, and knowledge. According to a statement made directly by an employee, “He is a gentle leader who encourages self-development and growth.”

Employee referrals, turnover, productivity, and communication are all important indicators of how well things are running. “We are straightforward and transparent about our objectives, and we heal pain quickly, making our culture easy to grasp and rally around,” shares Tony.

As per Tony, the team is empowered to find forward-thinking solutions by applying a three-step process which helps them identify and prevent potential crises of a similar nature. “We first acknowledge the problem and the error, then we gauge its size and take into account the worst-case scenario. Finally, we reverse engineer the problem and create a strategy to prevent future occurrences.” adds Tony.

Global IT’s primary methods for developing leaders are training and coaching. “We assign roles and tasks after identifying leadership traits that help us determine whether they have a willingness to guide others. From there, we begin to offer coaching and training on what the unique leadership role, goals, and organization look like.”

Tony Raré is not afraid to jump into the trenches with his leadership team for the privilege of knowing them. He is approachable and available to his team, and he goes the distance to support them in any way, shape, or form. Written verbatim by an employee, “Tony hasn't met a problem that couldn't be solved, and through his knowledge and resilience, he shows us that the same is attainable for those he leads.”

When asked how to help employees grow, he advises creating a vision for your business and discussing it with the key people. He says not to be afraid of suffering or failure. “You still have a lot to learn or have a chance to use this as training if there is pain or failure. To help your staff build a sense of pride in your culture, talk about it and constantly remind them of what that means. Retain and reward employees that stay on task and are respectful to one another,” says Tony.

Global IT focuses on business computing, desktop support, and project management. Since 2000, Tony has been an infrastructure and Cloud consultant. Global IT serves clients from three Cloud data centers they control with incredible speed and reliability in Los Angeles and Phoenix. They provide expert-level service to all clients by staying in compliance with industry frameworks and SLAs. “We are committed to improving response and resolution times” says Tony. They are industry agnostic and understand a variety of complex systems and regulations across many different industries.

“One client in the healthcare industry found out their network was vulnerable after completing an external audit of their IT infrastructure,” says Tony. Their former IT was not delivering what they promised, and they missed the mark on transparency. Global IT was tabled to improve and upgrade the infrastructure, including devices, security, organization, server room cleanup, recycling obsolete equipment, and returning the organization to HIPAA compliance. This was accomplished before the client 's next audit, and they received outstanding reviews, “The best MSP we have ever worked with and seen,” from a 3rd party client-picked cybersecurity and insurance auditor.

Tony shares how a Los Angeles municipality was with a fully staffed IT team of five and an IT Director. Ransomware managed to access their system in some way. A full two weeks after the municipality was infiltrated, Tony was called, "we need your help". Ransomware had shut down all City department systems. They were called to the location since communication between all departments had been halted (Fire, Police, Public Safety, Library, Operations, and City Hall). Within hours of involvement, Global IT prevented the ransomware from causing more harm, restored all the data, and halted wire transfers. “We got all systems and data recovered and security measures put in place to further decrease similar incidents within two weeks” explains Tony.

Considering year-after-year improvements. There is no doubt that Global IT will be one of the most consistently successful & largest privately owned and managed IT services companies in Los Angeles. IE


Global IT


Tony Williams Rare
Chief Executive Officer
Global IT


Global IT is a relationship-based, customer-focused IT (Information Technology), and Cloud services provider. For more than 20 years, Global IT has prospered in the Information Technology business, earning the respect of companies both large and small with specialized technical skills from our dedicated employees, a real understanding of the technical tasks, and an unwavering ability to achieve targets and objectives.

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