Tony Sodhi, President and Chief Executive Officer of SGIC Cloud Technologies

Tony Sodhi
President and Chief Executive Officer of SGIC Cloud Technologies

Tony Sodhi, President and Chief Executive Officer of SGIC Cloud Technologies, Certificate

“Strategic growth-focused high-tech leader”

Tony with his entrepreneurial mindset, strategic growth-focused high-tech leadership trait, and successful history of establishing, nurturing, and scaling businesses has become a dominant leader in the US and offshore markets. His ability to drive critical initiatives in challenging environments enabled him to successfully establish SGIC and transform it into highly desirable IT Digital Services company. Tony's background prior to establishing SGIC could have contributed to SGIC's success. He was a key player in growing Documentum, a start-up, from 10m to 300m, integrating and scaling mid-size company with large-cap 14b EMC Corp, and enhancing divisional revenue to 700m.

At companies like EMC and GM, he successfully developed, implemented, and led Product Management, Program Management, Product Operations, Quality, and Consulting Organizations. He was also in charge of developing and implementing GM-NAO Common Systems across around 80 NOA Plants previously. This background has aided him in comprehending the IT infrastructure required by businesses, its impact, and the technical construct that SGIC could employ to give value-added services to its clients in a competitive manner. Tony was able to understand the technical components at the grassroots level and apply the principles to give strategic value-add solutions to clients and efficiently monetize them for SGIC. Thanks to his MBA, MS-CS, leadership, technical trainings and experience.

Tony says, SGIC took steps early to understand the customers and create a culture that empowered our employees to make decisions that are best for both the customer and SGIC. Right from the day of inception, SGIC paid special attention to customer experience and relationships. SGIC ensured that every employee understood the customer expectations and reacted positively to their constantly changing needs. SGIC deployed customer-centric processes and systems that provided seamless communications to the clients. SGIC made special efforts to understand employee needs and kept them happy and productive. Right from the top management, our topmost concern is customer loyalty. SGIC has learned the skill of becoming a part of the customer’s agenda. Most of the SGIC Clients are referrals i.e., SGIC has been able to develop partnerships that have led to customer advocacy. SGIC ensures to celebrate wins together with their customers as a team.

"Our primary goal is to help our clients achieve digital transformation by providing them with effective solutions and experiences.”

'Solving difficulties strategically' is SGIC's major differentiator. While competitors tactically resolve issues to address customers' pain points, SGIC analyses and determines the root causes by funnelling and analysing data/issues through structured processes; identifies tactical versus strategic issues; and designs and implements strategic solutions to address the root issues. SGIC continues to proactively develop talent and provide Cloud-based SAP Solutions, including S/4 HANA, Information Security, Cloud Infrastructure, CRM (SFDC Suite), and Project Management (Agile Enablement). SGIC is a Strategic SAP PartnerEdge and SFDC Partner with insight into their product plans.

Tony says, in order to stay a step ahead of the competition, SGIC identifies the current and more importantly, near future customers' pain points proactively. We then partner with the clients and our vendors to design a solution and invest in developing resources early. Due to strategic relationships with the clients, SGIC resources become an integral part of their strategizing, designing and execution plans. Together with our clients and vendors, we use iterative methodology and sprint ahead with the necessary corrective courses during execution. We become an integral part of client’s execution team implementing newer technologies while others are catching up. Continuous learnings from execution of the sprints further enhances team effectiveness and helps us stay ahead.

Tony and the SGIC team assist decision-makers in developing and implementing a well-articulated measurable plan of action with clear milestones, and identifying high-ROI intersections between corporate priorities and numerous reference control objective criteria. SGIC can also demonstrate how the InfoSec GRC program can offer metric key risk indicator (KRI) performance measurement that is matched to stakeholder-relevant key risk areas (KRA) - including supply chain risk management effectiveness. SGIC's achievements such as its strategic partnering approach with clients and vendors resulting in strategic relationships with Fortune 1000 clients such as Maxim Integrated Products, Varian Medical, Dell/EMC, Stanford, and others; identifying ways to strategically eliminate pain points; implementing new features using cutting-edge technology; and Tony Sodhi's high-tech leadership trait of strategic expansion has made him an outstanding CEO. IE


SGIC Cloud Technologies


Tony Sodhi
President and Chief Executive Officer of SGIC Cloud Technologies


Your proven experts in risk-based information privacy and security compliance, control reference frameworks and attestations such as NIST 800-53, 800-171, DFARS, DoD CMMC, FedRAMP, AICPA SOC2, CIS Controls and CSA CAIQ/CCM/CSTAR. Also providing Fractional CISO and vCISO services for InfoSec GRC program development and implementation, as well as expert consulting in Product and Supply-Chain Security, and Security Architecture, Engineering and Operations.

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