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“Honoring Veterans in a Unique Way”

Thu Stubbs immigrated to America as a young child, descended from a blend of Czech and Vietnamese culture and values. As a young adult, she felt a strong motivation to serve in the military and repay America for the opportunities given to immigrants and minority women. She served one tour as an Army Communications Captain and then transitioned to defense contracting in the corporate I.T. sector. She had a dream of establishing her own I.T. company, capable of creating jobs for her fellow veterans. Her Army leadership, immigrant values and military focus on prioritizing employees, mission and customers, are core pillars that shape TSC's corporate culture. Thu closely believes in honoring the accomplishments of veterans in defending America’s interests worldwide. She created a grass-roots veterans non-profit, 007 Benefit LTD, that has hosted James Bond lifestyle black-tie galas and events for over a decade. TSC employees and Thu volunteer their talents and time to organize public galas to recognize military heroes across all campaigns, in conjunction with MD and VA Governor’s Offices. Ninety percent of the net proceeds are donated to veteran’s health and welfare charities. The remaining proceeds are reserved for event deposits for the following year.

After leaving the Army, Thu was a manager for PRC for over a decade; (PRC stands for People, Results, and Customers). PRC since the 1960s had sailed through the torrents of M&A and no longer exists. The PRC acronym is what differentiates TSC from similarly situated small-disadvantaged businesses. TSC’s differentiator is its commitment to post-award project management, collaborative two-way communications with stakeholders and a goal of superior project execution and customer satisfaction. TSC project management follows Total Quality Management, Deming’s constant improvement and its current successor, ISO principles.

"TSC is fastidious with project management. At the beginning of every contract, TSC conducts a kickoff, contract review, and synchronizes customer expectations."

TSC is fastidious with project management. Thu recognized since her first job at 12 as a newspaper girl, there is a market for people who can get things done. At the beginning of every contract, TSC conducts a kickoff, contract review, and synchronizes customer expectations. This is followed by quarterly performance reviews and soliciting customer feedback for continuous improvements. The goal is to exceed the customer’s expectations and receive above average performance reviews. “Several of our federal contracts require difficult-to-find engineers that must pass stringent federal background checks at the highest level of trust,” says Thu. “We have a dedicated recruiter to search for these types of candidates.” TSC is selective and must carefully match candidates with the mission, background suitability, technical expertise, and ability to fit each contract's team dynamics. “As a result, our employees, most with former military service, have integrated successfully in our contracts with low turnover rates.”

TSC consistently conducts in-person, one-on-one meetings with both employees and clients. This proactive performance approach harvests continuous process improvements, captures lessons learned, anticipates and plans for human resources to provide the best value and performance to each client and federal contract.

Additionally, TSC’s CEO is vigilante and optimistic that the COVID business disrupter will bring new opportunities. Crisis can be the intersection of preparation and opportunity; TSC’s CEO entertains growth through mergers and acquisitions. TSC acquired a business specializing in federal special events on the National Mall, Washington DC, and DoD commemorations for over a decade. TSC’s merged companies continue to honor the military and is intent on creating new national and international events.

Thu’s motivation had always been to break from corporate America to start her own company. Her vision is to maintain a healthy company capable of employing veterans who transition from the military. “It is the final stage for the immigrant journey…. to give back to the host nation,” she adds. “After a decade, I feel that I am accomplishing this with the SBA’s coaching program.” The SBA’s mission is to help disadvantaged small businesses, such as TSC.

The SBA has approved TSC for a Mentor-Protégé Program and joint venture to help it grow in the next five years. “The formation of the joint venture coupled with the merger of the special events company, TSC is optimistic to expand and grow in 2021,” concludes Thu. IE


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Thu Stubbs
CEO of Technology Science Corporation


Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) Minority, Woman-Owned Small Business Virginia SWaM, SDV Core Services: * Premium Cleared Program Management/ Technical Resources * Audio Visual/ Video Teleconferencing Design and Installation * Cabling- in-house and outside plant * Network relaocation- tear down, transport, setup * Single Point of Contact Managed Solutions * Training- Enduser, Certification, Enterprise Leaning * Web 2.0 Design and Implementation * I.T. Producs and Services

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