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Thomas Charlton
Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies

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“People’s Leader”

Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies, leads with a people-first mentality – with clients, partners, and employees. For him, people are at the heart of any company, and he puts in genuine effort to know the people he works with so he can understand their motivation and help them achieve success. According to Thomas, “Employees who demonstrate grit are usually the ones that thrive, and I love watching it happen. Four years ago, I noticed a young woman who exhibited drive and commitment, but also appeared to be exhausted at work. I asked her about it and learned that she was working another job to pay off her student loan. That’s the kind of work ethic and determination any employer wants on his or her team. So, I invested in her – I increased her compensation to match what she was making at her other job and paid travel expenses so she could channel all that determination toward her career at Goliath. It is the type of calculated “bet” you make on people with the hope it pays off. In just a few years she’s moved from intern to Lead Support and Implementation Engineer. She is now mentoring and helping new employees on the team. The same goal-oriented discipline that she applied to get out of debt in her personal life was a character trait she applied to her work here. In this case, I extended my confidence in someone and it has been beneficial for both parties.”

"Goliath’s initial offerings focused on helping IT pros monitor and troubleshoot end-user experience issues in their Citrix or VMware Horizon delivery infrastructures."

Goliath Technologies exists to make the work lives of today’s IT professionals more successful. The software proactively looks for end-user experience issues and helps IT solve them before users complain. As a leader in IT, Thomas witnessed many IT professionals struggle to manage the inherent complexities that arose when companies attempted to adopt cloud computing in its various forms. “If you pause and think of what an IT organization must manage once a decision is made to move to the public or private cloud, it is almost overwhelming. It includes remote workers, various network connection methodologies, different devices, the IT infrastructure, etc.,” says Thomas. “And, even with all this additional complexity, the expectations of seamless performance are just as high because, while applications and infrastructure have moved to the cloud, accountability remains with the IT organization.”

As per Thomas, Goliath is providing a layer of visibility into end-user performance issues regardless of the backend infrastructure. Goliath’s initial offerings focused on helping IT pros monitor and troubleshoot end-user experience issues in their Citrix or VMware Horizon delivery infrastructures. Now they are expanding this foundation to offer similar capabilities for endpoints, web-based applications, and cloud infrastructures (Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud).

For example, one large health system speaks to how they were continually facing outages and slowness in their clinical applications, and IT was constantly reacting to end users and clinicians complaining. There was a significant amount of time and money lost, and IT was under pressure to find these issues and fix them before end users were impacted. In this case, they leveraged Goliath which was proactively looking for potential outages or slowness across dozens of their hospitals. They shared one story, when it was 4:30am and IT was alerted that a critical nursing application was down. IT was able to quickly isolate root cause and fix before end users were impacted, avoiding an outage for 25,000 of their users. By keeping the nursing application up and available, IT directly impacted patient care, ensuring there was no major disruption and care continued as needed for all patients.

Goliath Technologies continues to expand its product portfolio to include technologies that enable IT teams to solve complex issues that can negatively impact end-user experience if not addressed. They accomplish this expansion with internal organic development as well as through partnerships and acquisitions. In the latter instance, Goliath offers a much more favorable alternative to venture capital for founders who want to grow their companies. Their method allows founders to retain creative product and company control while still achieving growth and value creation. IE


Goliath Technologies


Thomas Charlton
Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies


Goliath Technologies provides proactive IT operations software to address the challenges associated with managing a hybrid IT infrastructure. Organizations of all sizes are moving to the cloud in some form and our products are purpose-built to assist in that transition. We manage applications, infrastructure and users regardless of where they’re located. Customers use Goliath’s products system-wide to monitor, analyze, troubleshoot and report so performance issues can be resolved before end users are impacted. Because, IT infrastructure is moving. IT accountability is not. Customers include American Airlines, Bank of America, Viacom, UHS, HCL, CSC, ADP, and Voya.

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