The need for an early approach on AI education

Jose Sevilla

Jose Sevilla,
MBA, P. Eng, CIO, Sevenfold Vertical Solutions

What the future holds for our kids

An article published by Harvard Business Review (Automation Will Make Lifelong Learning a Necessary Part of Work) highlights there will be a massive shift in the skills that will be needed in the workplace in the future, with advanced technological skills, such as coding and programming, rising by 55% in 2030. Social and emotional skills (e.g. initiative taking and leadership) will also rise sharply, by 24%. Among higher cognitive skills, creativity and complex information and problem solving will also become significantly more important.

The authors make an important point to be considered (in my opinion) by companies and governments alike: "If companies and societies are able to equip workers with the new skills that are needed, the upside will be considerable, in terms of higher productivity growth, rising wages, and increased prosperity".

The Ontario Curriculum.

On the other hand, the Ontario curriculum for grades 1 thru 8 (Ontario Elementary Curriculum) outlines as one of its main Science and Technology objectives, the need to develop the skills, strategies, and habits of mind required for scientific inquiry and technological problem solving. It also emphasizes on developing a deeper understanding of the big ideas by having students understand basic concepts, develop inquiry and problem-solving skills, and connect these concepts and skills to the world beyond the classroom.

Girls Power.

It is my strong belief that empowering girls from a young age will help them shape a successful future for themselves in an evermore competitive environment. While my 9-year old girl is already fully bilingual, enrolled in karate, an excellent competitive swimmer and an avid reader, I believe her life-long competitiveness will stem from the combination of her cognitive and technological skills; thus, the enrolment in a Summer Camp that gives her a competitive edge from an early age.

How I applied the above knowledge on myself.

With the above in mind, I personally started to retrain myself on the skills that will keep me competitive. I am now combining the Operations Management & Credit Risk knowledge I acquired through 25 years of extensive work in the banking, Insurance, CPG and Automotive industries, with powerful Data Analytics tools to help organizations improve their internal processes, evaluate or redirect their sales strategy, and efficiently manage their credit processes (Originations, Adjudications, Collections).

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