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Sumit Ganguli
CEO GAVS Technologies

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“From Chennai to the World”

Based out of Chennai, India, GAVS Technologies is focused on AI-led, IP-based Digital Transformation services. GAVS believes that Digital Transformation is a journey and is a combination of a change in technologies used, and acceptance and adoption, where organization culture and management practices play a significant role.

"GAVS has been recognized as 'Major Contender'​ in Automation PEAK Matrix by Everest Group, and as a prominent India-based Remote Infrastructure Management player & one of the key small players serving the mid-market & enterprise clients in North America by Gartner."

Sumit Ganguli, CEO, GAVS, has been with the company for the past 10 years and aims to transform it into a ‘purposeful’ company. The clarion call that is often heard within GAVS is “From Chennai to the World”. He believes that the company adheres to the maxim – Culture eats strategy for breakfast. To that end, there is a clear charter to create a much flatter organization, be committed to an egalitarian approach and through that attract some of the better talents in the US and India. He envisions GAVS as a company that is emblematic of innovation and disruption.

It is Sumit’s thesis that work and jobs can be the platform that can define the organization as a team and people and employees leverage this platform to leave a legacy. He states, “When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music. Which of you would be a reed, dumb and silent, when all else sings together in unison?”

GAVS is focused on automation-led digital transformation services. GAVS’ IP-led solution, Zero Incident FrameworkTM (ZIF) is an AI-based TechOps platform that enables organizations to trend towards a Zero Incident EnterpriseTM. ZIF provides predictive analytics, proactive detection, and remediation of incidents that directly impacts the Service Reliability Assurance of Enterprises.

ZIF is an enabler of our clients’ business imperatives or needs. Implementing ZIF gives customers benefits like:

• Complete visibility into the entire IT landscape and real-time dynamic topology mapping

• Ability to manage issues before they impact end-user productivity by monitoring the hybrid infrastructure

• Accelerated root cause analysis and reduced noise

• Prediction and auto-remediation of impending incidents

ZIF drives operational efficiencies through cost optimization and automation.

GAVS has been working with some of the larger healthcare providers in the US to drive better patient outcomes and bottom-line performance. The digital transformation imperative of healthcare organizations is more pressing now than ever. We are committed to enable them and improve the quality of patient care with our AI-led solutions.

As per Sumit and the leadership team, the best feedback that we could have ever got was by the CIO of BronxCare.

“Every day we witness these heroic acts: one example out of many this week was our own Kishore going into our ICU to move a computer without full PPE (we have a PPE shortage). The GAVS technicians who come into our hospital every day are, like our doctors and healthcare workers, the true heroes of our time.” – Ivan Durbak, CIO, BronxCare

Our organization is based on certain principles to guide us along the way – Respect, Integrity, Trust, and Empathy, or better known as the RITE values. We believe that our people are our greatest assets. The people at GAVS espouse the SWAT philosophy – Smart, Hardworking, Articulate, and Tech-Curious.

“We have always preached and practiced people-centricity. Our policies and practices are attuned to provide an environment conducive to bring out the best among our people,” adds Sumit.IE


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GAVS Technologies (GAVS) is a global IT services & solutions provider enabling digital transformation through infrastructure solutions. Our services include automation led infrastructure services, enabled by smart machines, AIOps and DevOps. GAVS’ focus is steered to improve user experience by 10X and reduce resource utilization by 40%, and strengthen governance & transformation through security, cloud orchestration, risk & governance.

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