Steven Haynes, Founder and Managing Director of Specialized Risk, 10 Best Security Solution Providers of 2021

Steven Haynes
Founder and Managing Director of Specialized Risk

Steven Haynes, Founder and Managing Director of Specialized Risk

“Specialized Security Consulting Operations & Investigations”

Texas-based Specialized Risk continues to expand its product and service offerings as new threats emerge, and in response to developing trends in security threats and terrorism, to provide relevant up to date specialized security consulting to clients.

Their philosophy regarding working with clients is to develop an effective security program, and they are consistent with how they approach most projects and quite simple. “We use common sense! It makes no sense for us to make elaborate, highly technical, and costly recommendations that our clients do not need or cannot afford or worse, that puts or customer in a precarious and uncomfortable situation by having to influence manage multiple functional areas or departments to implement burdensome changes for which they seen no relevant reason. We recognize the need to create a safe and secure environment without creating an armed camp,” says Steven Haynes, Founder and Managing Director of Specialized Risk.

Haynes completed a 20-year career in the United States Navy and Naval Reserve in 1996 after achieving the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer. He served as the Department Director and Chief Instructor for a Navy basic and advanced counter-terrorism training school providing instruction in tactical counter-terrorism operations and combat shooting courses. His last active-duty assignment was as a member of the commissioning crew of a Navy aircraft carrier, the USS George Washington, where he served as the Ship’s Security Force Commander and was responsible for all security and counter-terrorism operations. He also served as a state-certified Reserve Police Officer for over nine years with the Newport News, VA Police Department.

"Specialized Risk provides a wide range of customized and specialized training, consulting, and investigative services to their clients in areas that have been traditionally hard to service. "

Armed with the above distinctions, Haynes incorporated Specialized Risk as Tactical Concepts Group in February 1997 to provide specialized training to public safety personnel and limited private-sector security organizations. Specialized Risk® has provided regional and national clients with best-in-class service and industry expertise in security consulting areas of expertise, including counter-terrorism, physical security, bomb threat management, grant management, business continuity, and emergency management. Their private investigation services include surveillance, general investigations, and special investigations based on client’s needs. “We have developed regional and national name recognition through contributing feature articles to professional trade journals, speaking at regional and national conferences and through client referrals,” says the steadfast leader. “We possess the ability to provide clients with specialized services, tailored to their unique needs, based on the risk to which they may be exposed. Hence, the name of our business: Specialized Risk®.” Their security client listing includes a wide variety of organizations, including large colleges and universities, ports, chemical facilities, law enforcement organizations, 501C non-profits, hospitals, malls, lodging, and transportation system companies, to list only a few. The company’s private investigation client list includes insurance companies, law firms, private individuals, and other miscellaneous companies.

Specialized Risk provides a wide range of customized and specialized training, consulting, and investigative services to their clients in areas that have been traditionally hard to service. They continually research and develop innovative responses to new and existing emerging threats that pose a danger to our clients. Their team of professional security consultants and investigators possess the skills and experience necessary to develop custom solutions to each client’s needs at a cost one would expect from a boilerplate, off-the-shelf program. Specialized Risk believes the assistance provided to their clients is more than a job. It is a commitment that each one of them takes seriously. They are not satisfied until their clients are satisfied, regardless of the time, effort, or cost. “Few companies can say they are in the business of protecting America. Our clients have this solemn responsibility, and we believe it is our duty and responsibility to do everything possible to assist our clients in this worthy effort. Therefore, we take our company motto very seriously; ‘Our Business is helping Your Business Protect America’.”

For the days to come, Specialized Risk is developing a variety of training courses that would be delivered via an online platform or a customer’s intranet in such areas as Security Threat Awareness, Detecting Terrorist Pre-Attack Indicators, School Violence Prevention, Bomb Search Procedures, etc. On-demand training could be delivered at a customer’s onsite location if desired. IE


Specialized Risk


Steven Haynes
Founder and Managing Director of Specialized Risk


Specialized Risk Team specializes in security consulting operations and investigations. Specialized Risk Team’s staff, which includes executives, consultants, investigators, and security specialists, have extensive backgrounds and/or experience working in or with federal, state or local level government, private sector clients and not-for-profit organizations. Specialized Risk Team’s philosophy and management strategy are to specialize exclusively in certain areas and set the benchmark for quality and service.

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