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“The Kingmaker”

Steven Abramowitz, CEO of CEO Boardroom, is Washington DC’s leading networker over the last 35 years, amassing a network of over 7200 contacts and over 3700 CEOs. His networking expertise is represented by him being a syndicated columnist on the subject with the American City Business Journals nationally and public speaking. Steven organized his first CEO network in 1989 and his first organized event in 1994, and over the next ten years, over 1000 CEOs attended exclusive dinner events. Steve is a natural connecter and earns the region’s most successful leaders' trust, and his leadership and hosting abilities are critical to the organization’s success.

CEO Boardroom was first organized to provide CEO’s their first private network to forge deep business relationships responding to the need that CEOs didn’t have a safe CEO only place to meet and connect while also doing so at the region’s leading venues—restaurants and luxury boxes—unheard of for business events. Sponsors did not have a place where they could be in an event with just CEOs and intimate quality time. Govcon Exchange was formed to address a market's needs with no resource—government contractors of small to mid-size companies that need a place to provide teaming opportunities necessary to win contracts, mentoring, and problem-solving. “The industry is very cutthroat and our members need a safe and trustworthy haven that we provide,” says Steven.

"CEOs don’t have vetted, intimate places to receive what we offer. We are poised to reach them and grow to accommodate their demand."

According to Steven, today, CEOs are more interested in attending events and networking with their marketing efforts generating a 30% response rate to attend events and over ten times as many prospects as members. CEOs of Govcon companies have been resilient and have maintained or growing their revenues. CEOs manage remote workforces while ensuring culture in innovative ways like meals shipped for meetings, online happy hours, and flexible locations. “In everything we do, we provide CEOs a safe and exclusive place to gather and meet CEOs in intimate first-class settings to forge meaningful relationships in business and personally,” adds Steven. “A new member recently commented he is grateful to be part of our family. The warmth and inviting tone and mood of our events have been a consistent calling card since our first event 27 years ago.”

Steven and his team directly connect to CEOs through their events from Steven’s network, member and partner referrals, and direct target marketing to CEOs in the region. The members and prospects network, forge a relationship, and build teaming relationships directly in this self-contained network. “Best practices, market intelligence and problem solving occurs during our specified events led by our board of advisers and guest mentor CEO’s—all veterans and proven leaders of successful larger or fast growing companies,” he adds. “The exclusivity and intimacy of our events, our consistent model and careful screening of members all separate us from competition. Our niche is exclusive to our market and the tone of our rooms is unmatched.”

One founding member joined four years ago at $7million in revenues The mentoring, networking, and problem solving with Steven, and he just crossed $50 million in revenues. In the last year, the same is true of two members who successfully scaled and sold their companies. “Our members enjoy dynamic growth,” says the steadfast leader. “That our members are grateful and appreciative of and voice this at our events in front of the room, grateful for our organization and my efforts, and the success they enjoy.”

Steven and his team recently launched a major campaign in October and have reached 1000 CEOs with a 30% response rate to connect to their network and attend an event. They have several thousand left to connect and invite, and these are spectacular results for a hidden market. “We are finalizing a new contact and event management system and new website, and expect to double our membership in the next two quarters and increase our events to accommodate,” says Steven. “CEOs don’t have vetted, intimate places to receive what we offer. We are poised to reach them and grow to accommodate their demand.” IE




Steven Abramowitz
CEO of Boardroom


Since 1994, CEO Boardroom proudly connects and hosts the region's most noteworthy leaders, in the city’s most exclusive and private venues, to enjoy great company, forging invaluable business and personal connect top business, civic, charitable leaders and the organizations that support them to fill a much need void: To provide a forum and a place for top leaders to cultivate, communicate and align their own individual and organization’s goals with their peers, to create an integrated and aligned network amongst the region’s leaders.

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