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Steve Chahal
president and CEO
Fairfax Software

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“A new day A new endeavor”

With Fairfax Software's award-winning solutions, your consumers may pay securely in person, by mail, or electronically through the payment portal. All payments are stored in an encrypted Microsoft SQL database to simplify statement reconciliation, back-end accounting, consolidated reporting, and backend research. Fairfax Software's President and CEO, Steve Chahal, says the company has defined goals and objectives and wants to "make a difference."

According to Chahal, the company had no clients, goods, or staff when it began operations in 1994. To become a market leader required ambition, commitment, and constant innovation. A new paradigm necessitates a client who believes in your mission. For Chahal, this idea necessitated attention, structure, and consistency. “I started the business with an original idea that disrupted our market and introduced a new workflow paradigm to our industry. No one likes change, so our market disruption took time to take hold”, says Chahal. Chahal says that his vision needed a dedicated team of subject matter experts to execute it. “My team needed me to connect and value their opinion.”

Chahal is proud of the fact that the first ten Fairfax Software professionals are still around. Put in an organizational context, longevity brings higher growth, better innovation, faster go-to-market, and keeps cost under control. Investing in the people is well worth it, and that’s one of the most recognizable leadership trait in an entrepreneur.

To lead, one must be “in the trenches” with the staff. A true leader continuously inspects, encourages, and commends. Leadership is understanding that it is not just about the original idea but its implementation. Implementing the ideas along the footsteps of the leader requires the leader to be present and to live the moments of the implementation.

A successful leader accepts and embraces criticism. Chahal says criticism makes him reconsider past actions to take corrective measures. “To correct mistakes and hold people accountable, I use logic and recognize positive criticism as an opportunity for self-improvement”, says Chahal.

Chahal tells entrepreneurs that the first and foremost key to their success is to bring to market a real-world solution to a real-world business problem. Second, timing is everything. Being there at the right time and right place is also important. Entrepreneurial success takes teamwork, perseverance, and resolve. “I follow the old adage - measure twice, cut once. I advise aspiring businesses to believe but verify”, says Chahal.

The pandemic imposed a new worldwide work style. “As a software developer, I wanted to help in any way I could. Finally, our clients' staff can work remotely with equal control”, says Chahal. It was time for crowdsourcing and telecommuting software. In addition, Chahal believes that emerging AI technologies will help Fairfax Software's clients in the future.

During the pandemic, Fairfax Software started two initiatives for its clients. The first one consists of promoting to its clients the hosting of its software in its secure cloud environment. In this manner, Fairfax is able to take full ownership of its solutions and accept full responsibility for all aspects of maintenance, support, upkeep of the solution. The initiative is the work-from-home tools. “I believe our remote working solutions will boost customer productivity for our clients and their work environment will be improved for decades.”, says Chahal. In addition, Fairfax has also added software robots to its offerings to assist clients use their systems better and more efficiently.

Chahal highlights the Fairfax Software benefits to its clients. For several years, RightSourceRx Humana has used a Fairfax provided solution to automate the filling of prescriptions. Patients benefited from Humana's mail-order medication. In order to improve service and cut expenses, Humana, used Fairfax’s signature and award-winning product, Quick Modules, to enhance productivity. Order input, operator productivity, prescription filling, and subscriptions all went up thanks to Fairfax Software.

In 2019, Fairfax Software developed a cashiering solution based on its award-winning Quick Modules Cashier solution to serve Kern County residents with better security, business continuity, convenience of use, and cost savings. It's a success story, says Chahal.

In 2016, The New Zealand Ministry, Business, and Innovation (MBIE) selected Fairfax Software’s Quick Payments system to provide a shared payment service across multiple business units across New Zealand. Fairfax Software together with its Wellington, NZ based partner, Holistec Systems LTD, and service providers Payments Express and Westpac, implemented an innovative solution that enables MBIE to provide convenient electronic payment options to citizens while streamlining the backend accounting process. With Quick Payments, MBIE was able to not only expand electronic payment options but also standardize invoicing, offer customer self-service, and improve the back-office with automated tools that increased operator productivity. IE


Fairfax Software


Steve Chahal
president and CEO
Fairfax Software


Fairfax Imaging, Inc. was founded in 1994 to provide products, services, and solutions to the document management, data and forms processing, and data entry industries, in the commercial and government sectors. Fairfax Imaging is a leader in turnkey image-based products and solutions for the data capture, forms processing, document imaging, and tax remittance processing industries. With a solid base of system installations in the Commercial, Federal, and State marketplaces, Fairfax Imaging has gained a solid reputation as a premier solutions provider. By utilizing our solutions, our customers are able to perform their data capture tasks more efficiently and more productively.

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