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Stephen M. Mercurio
CEO of The McGuire Group

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“Pioneering & Integrating Progressive Programs & Services”

The McGuire Group’s health care facilities have two main customers – long-term residents and short-term subacute rehabilitation patients. More than 40 years ago, The McGuire Group’s founder, the late Frank McGuire, invested in the Western New York Community by opening his first skilled nursing facility – Seneca Health Care Center in West Seneca. This was followed by eight additional locations over the next two decades. Over the years, The McGuire Group has established a reputation for providing high-quality, compassionate care to residents in need of long-term care services. This reputation was built by The McGuire Group, defining itself as a leader in program and policy development, staff training, and the implementation of specialty services, many of which were the first in the area.

In the mid-1990s, the nursing home industry was on the precipice of a new healthcare era. Technological advances enabled doctors to perform orthopedic and joint replacement surgeries more precisely and less invasively than ever before, giving patients more options for an enhanced quality of life. As a result, the need for high-quality, short-term rehabilitation after surgery became necessary to ensure proper healing before a patient could safely return home. In response, The McGuire Group invested millions of dollars in the redevelopment and expansion of its traditional nursing facilities, turning them into state-of-the-art environments for intensive short-term subacute rehabilitation. This allowed patients to receive rehab in a facility where the culture of quality and nursing care already existed, but with less overhead and cost than a typical hospital stay.

"McGuire returned to his Buffalo roots and joined his father in the family business in 1996, they were on the precipice of a new era in health care."

Over the next two decades, The McGuire Group outpaced those in the area to develop strong referral bases, preferred provider partnerships, and robust clinical programs. As such, their facilities rose to the top as leaders in the industry both regionally and nationally. A pioneer is leading the McGuire Group—if a person’s actions speak louder than words, then knowing Stephen Mercurio is deafening. His 40-year career echoes a personal commitment to developing and executing progressive, innovative, and pioneering health care programs for the people of Buffalo and beyond.

Mercurio’s empathy and compassion for helping others began in the 1970s when he worked as a nursing director in the intensive care unit at Veterans Administration Hospital. From his formidable years as a registered nurse to his current role as CEO of The McGuire Group health care facilities, Mercurio is the quintessential go-to in the health care industry. As CEO, Mercurio is responsible for the day-to-day administrative operation of six skilled nursing facilities and the corporate center, which encompasses 1,100 residents and more than 2,100 employees.

The McGuire Group’s reputation for excellence has allowed it to develop strong working relationships and be designated as a Preferred Provider of post-acute services with the major hospital and medical practices in the Buffalo area. This is because doctors, discharge planners, and hospital executives are not only familiar with the company’s mission and commitment, they can see the results in its numbers. “We have a track record of understanding the needs of the hospital systems and what it takes, both operationally and monetarily, to enhance the performance of the facilities,” adds Mercurio. “This includes areas of clinical programming, employee training, technology and best practices, which ultimately translates into fewer patient complications and a reduced likelihood of rehospitalization.”

The McGuire Group has a long history of being one of Western New York’s premier employers, and their staff retention rate is one of the highest in the profession. “We strive to maintain a team atmosphere and provide guidance and motivation to enhance every employee’s experience,” says Mercurio. “The knowledge and quality of our employee training is an essential piece in the complexity of the services we provide.” As such, they have robust educational opportunities for their staff, including tuition assistance for career advancement in multiple departments and nursing-focused programs. Through their strategic alliances, “we continue to expand our geographic footprint, services, delivery lines and clinical capacity. As an organization, we believe there are always opportunities to expand our successful care delivery and methodology,” adds Mercurio.

The McGuire Group’s facilities include: Autumn View Health Care Facility in Hamburg, NY; Brookhaven Health Care Facility in East Patchogue, NY; Garden Gate Health Care Facility in Cheektowaga, NY; Harris Hill Nursing Facility in Williamsville, NY; Northgate Health Care Facility in North Tonawanda, NY and Seneca Health Care Center in West Seneca, NY. IE


The McGuire Group


Stephen M. Mercurio
CEO of The McGuire Group


More than 40 years ago, Chairman Frank McGuire made an investment in NY by opening his first health care facility – Seneca Health Care Center in West Seneca. This was followed by seven additional locations over the next two decades, with New York State facilities including Autumn View in Hamburg, Brookhaven in East Patchogue, Garden Gate in Cheektowaga, Harris Hill in Williamsville, Northgate in North Tonawanda and Seneca Health Care Center in West Seneca.

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