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Stela Maury
CEO & Owner

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Sincerity & dedication will attract business giants

Led by CEO/owner, Stela Maury PCCE, Inc. is a woman-owned small business (WOSB) that has successfully completed the Small Business Administration's 8(a) Program. PCCE, Inc. has been in the industry for over a decade and was incorporated in 2003. It is considered by many to be the model for growing small businesses that have the capabilities of large businesses. It brings an unparalleled professional service delivery culture and experienced performance. The company believes in building partnerships with their clients and develops customized solutions to meet the individual needs of each and every client they serve. Their long list of services lets them offer solutions that are flexible, cost-effective, and of high quality.

“Together we stand strong”

It is our responsibility to provide our customers with only the best full spectrum of complete facility operation and management services, as well as design build and SCIF upgrade services, ranging from small jobs to managing entire facility complexes. Among key personnel and long-term relationships with contractors, Stela gathers a team of experts who use experience, best practices, the latest technologies, and tools to keep their clients’ critical assets operating efficiently, effectively, and economically. In addition, no details are overlooked.

As told by one of Stela’s clients, PCCE is resourceful, well organized, fair, reasonable, and dependable. Stela describes how their mission helps them achieve their goals and adds that it is their focus to exceed the expectations of their partners in private industry and government, their employees, and their vendors. They are always working to improve customer satisfaction by controlling costs well, making people more aware of safety, and making their services more financially competitive and valuable overall.

The Nebraska Avenue Complex (NAC) project manager was happy to deliver excellent news. Their team has relied on PCCE Inc., with owner and CEO Stela Maury, for many years at the NAC. PCCE worked on an excavation project last winter where water piping broke. Since there was subsurface congestion and a building foundation, PCCE triumphed and finished these repairs The manager said having a reliable contractor was a relief. Creating SCIF space from unclassified space was PCCE's most complicated endeavor. This quarter-million-dollar design-build project required precise coordination and exacting details. The space was unclassified with Open Secret Storage (OSS) and a Controlled Access Area (CAA). The DHS Physical Security Construction Handbook and IDC-705 requirements were used. The arduous project was done carefully, and SCIF spaces were certified with little difficulty. Eventually, they recommended PCCE to other federal agencies as well.

The United States Coast Guard HQ Facilities Department praised PCCE, Inc. for their work on buildout projects in Washington, DC. On one occasion, their service produced a daily-used product; it confronted unforeseen situations, yet their professionalism and timeliness kept the project on track, as told by the department. They cooperated and contributed to the project's success.

The chief administrative officer for DHS projects thanked PCCE for their work in the national capital region. He praised the team's service and professionalism. It always exceeded the department's needs and standards, which was vital to their goal. The CEO's staff and subcontractors' daily cooperation was appreciated. The atmosphere led to a successful project for all concerned. He also looks forward to their continued working relationship and project success.

It is told by Stela that PCCE has developed the experience and reach to bring substantial resources to the table in order to successfully provide services, manage, and install in government facilities. Being nimble is their bread and butter, and as a government contractor, PCCE has developed a wide variety of cutting-edge solutions that they can quickly deploy to any site. One can rest easy knowing that their projects will be well cared for.

Mrs. Maury's operational leadership was developed through the years with unique strategic thinking, and she strongly thanks her mentors. In addition, she says, “thanks to the alliances and relationships we've built with our subcontractors and manufacturers, we'll be able to finish the job cheaper, faster, and on time.” "To sum up," she adds, "PCCE is committed!"




Stela Maury
CEO & Owner


PCCE is considered by many to be the model for growing small businesses that have the capabilities of a large business.

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