Sriraj Mallick, CEO of Compunnel Digital

Sriraj Mallick
CEO of Compunnel Digital

Sriraj Mallick, CEO of Compunnel Digital Certificate

“Unlocking Digital Vision”

Today's decision-makers face a plethora of challenges from ways to gain executive sponsorship, commitment, budgets, and resources for our digital program to define a program and influence stakeholders with a clear roadmap and ROI analysis to fund the program. Compunnel Digital keeps a close interaction with the C-suite and decision-makers of the organizations to understand the challenges they face and help them overcome these challenges. The company has over 27 years of rich history, starting as an IT/Software company founded in New Jersey. Over the last several years, Compunnel has established a presence in major geographies and regions, including having their largest offshore development center outside of the US in India. “With over 4000 employees worldwide our continued success over last several years comes from living our purpose ‘unlocking potential’. We continue to maintain deep digital transformation capabilities to help our client innovate new business models, provide enhanced customer experience and deliver to their cost optimization plans,” says Sriraj Mallick, CEO of Compunnel Digital

“We believe the most important factor to combat competition is to remain closely informed and aligned with the real business challenges. The key differentiator that helps us combat competition are:

By living our purpose of ‘unlocking employee potential,’” adds Mallick. “We offer world-class employee experience, diversity, career development opportunities, and talent development initiatives to attract and retain the best talent globally.” Compunnel Digital has been a digital transformation partner of choice for several mid-market enterprises by solving their most complex business challenges. Today, a firm’s digital systems are crucial; its speed-to-value equation and the AI/ ML, data analytics revolution are at the root of this strategy.

"Compunnel’s end-to-end digital solutions enable reimaging ideation into digital reality with its extensive industry experience and expertise."

Compunnel’s end-to-end digital solutions enable reimaging ideation into digital reality with its extensive industry experience and expertise. Their unique DSP strategy (Digital Success Plan) allows them to capture the vision and measurable impact of business wants to result from a successful digital program. “We start with design sprint to assess the current state of the business to avoid any dollar spend on inappropriate solutions,” says Mallick. “We then work with our clients to define the desired state and create a digital transformation strategy which is deeply rooted in its business drivers & current technology landscape to design the digital solution that is tailored for their success. Finally, we execute the project to its perfection and drive the change management to deliver on our success measures as per our DSP.”

This approach enables the company’s clients with new customer experiences, business models, competitive advantage, and revenue channels. They are currently aligning their focus on - 3 domains, 3 capabilities & 3 engagement models:

3 domains: Customer experience, Operational excellence, Data & Insights

3 capabilities: Cloud, Digital Application, Data & insights (covering most enterprise technologies and tools)

3 engagement models: Co-development, Flexi team, Projects based

In an instance, the digital transformation of a financial services company was successful, which required modernizing eight different platforms and tools into one unified and new platform that covers all business capabilities from sales, CRM to underwriting, servicing, and support. “We improved customer experience, reduced time to a loan approval and disbursement by 65% and increase the transaction volume by 500%,” adds Mallick. “We are passionate about helping our clients run better, change faster, and grow bigger. To enable this, we use our Digital Success Plan that help us address our clients pain points and challenges. With the ever-changing digital landscape and business models, the need for digital transformation would be unstoppable. And we are future ready as we innovate & embrace new technology and make it simpler for businesses to adopt and apply them to their businesses.”

Compunnel’s plan to expand by bringing new products, services, and solutions as the market demands. They have recently ventured into a start-up in the visual AI space and has launched new solutions built around visual AI to support use cases for safety, compliance, and productivity in industries such as manufacturing, warehouse, supply chain, sports arenas, healthcare, etc. IE


Compunnel Digital


Sriraj Mallick
CEO of Compunnel Digital


Compunnel Digital is a professional IT consulting and services firm specializing in digital business transformation. For 27 years, we have made it simple for companies to navigate complex digital worlds. Our integrated strategy-to-execution capabilities optimize your customer experience, unlock the potential within your organization, and strategically leverage technology to accelerate the pace of your digital transformation. Ultimately, our objective is to deliver measurable performance improvements to our clients.

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