Spencer Biah, CEO of Daggers Group, 10 Best Security Solution Providers of 2021

Spencer Biah
CEO of Daggers Group

Spencer Biah, CEO of Daggers Group

“A Proactive Vulnerability Management Program for Clients”

Daggers Group knew that customers would face unique challenges as a result of operating within a COVID-19 environment. Maintaining a robust vulnerability management program while operating in a decentralized environment has become the main challenge today. Organization’s network footprints are now more decentralized than ever before because most of their employees are teleworking, which has significantly increased their exposure to cyberattacks. The small businesses particularly experienced a significant uptick in data breaches due to teleworking since they do not have the same level of security controls implemented in decentralized environments as their on-premise network environments.

To address this pressing challenge, Daggers Group developed a Managed Service Provider (MSP)’s platform that provides a proactive vulnerability management program for clients. The MSP is a holistic risk management solution that provides a centralized vulnerability management structure for addressing their security needs while operating in a decentralized environment. The MSP platform's components include a cyber intelligence mechanism to discover emerging threats, an identification tool for proper identification of vulnerabilities, and a remediation process for addressing vulnerabilities. Daggers’ MSP can install monitoring agents on endpoints, conduct regular scanning, and ensure automated remediation of identified findings. The solution can provide continuous monitoring of clients’ decentralized environments to ensure a proactive vulnerability management approach with an easy-to-understand dashboard that contains real-time information of the organizations’ risk status.

"Daggers employs highly trained and experienced staff that possessed the requisite certifications and clearances."

Daggers Group was founded in 2016 to provide innovative and agile cybersecurity services to entities within the federal space. “We expanded our innovative cybersecurity services to support small businesses. We realized that small businesses are in dire need of cybersecurity services but do not have the vast resources that federal agencies have,” says Spencer Biah, Daggers Group’s Founder and CEO. Major (RTD) Biah is also a tactically and technically proficient former US Army Combat Arms Officer with demonstrated honorable service of over 20 years of military service. His honorable service includes two combat duty tours to Iraq where he led over 700 combat missions. He also completed a combat deployment to Afghanistan and a peacekeeping mission to Bosnia Herzegovina. His successful military career resulted in him earning numerous awards, citations and commendations for superior performance and bravery.

As the result of understanding the resource constraints that these small businesses face, Daggers Group’s MSP provides automation of cyber defense measures, thereby ensuring that once these small businesses nest their security requirements within their MSP, they will experience a significant improvement in terms of productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of their business operations. Daggers Group believes the utilization of their technical solutions within these client’s mission construct is central to improving their operational readiness. The unique MSP platform has the requisite technical solutions to tailor to meet clients’ needs and are complimentary to these client’s business needs. “Our solutions include automated processes that ensure the execution of required security functions that can be implemented to address these clients’ operational and security requirements with minimum human intervention,” adds Biah. “Daggers’ MSP automated security processes can be tuned to proactively identify and triage threats that may directly impact our clients’ environments.” Daggers’ MSP platform capabilities to automate cyber defense functions ensure that clients, especially those small businesses, can focus on their core business operations and allow Daggers’ unique MSP solutions to address their security needs.

Daggers Group currently sees significant challenges and opportunities within the financial, technological sector. The growth of digital payment/currency has an acceptable medium for financial transactions certainly on the rise as more and more people are moving towards a less cash-dependent society. Daggers Group has begun working with other stakeholders to develop a comprehensive risk management methodology to develop and address security issues surrounding systems that support digital currency use. “We believe that a universal security framework with measurable standards will greatly improve regulation of digital currency industry,” says Biah. “The primary value of this security framework is that it will provide a measure of integrity and significantly boost consumer’s confidence. Two things that are greatly needed in this emerging market of digital currency.” IE


Daggers Group


Spencer Biah
CEO of Daggers Group


Daggers is a certified SDVOSB, MBE, and SDB with a highly trained and experienced staff that possessed the requisite certifications and clearances. Daggers Group has over 20 years of experience providing a wide range of other cybersecurity services. They are on the frontier of using cybersecurity technologies to secure mission platforms and have provided support to multiple government agencies, such as Department of Defense, Office of the Controller of Commerce, and the US Navy. In every instance, Daggers has significantly improved the cybersecurity posture, all within the past 5 years.

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