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Sofia Passova
President, CEO & Founder of StereoLOGIC

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“A True Tech Visionary”

Sofia Passova, President, CEO & Founder of StereoLOGIC can be termed as a highly knowledgeable person, as she is armed with a Ph.D in Computer Science, dedicated to Modeling and Diagnostics of complex computer systems and a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering. She is holder of 2 US patents and dozens of publications and presentations on Worldwide conferences. Prior to StereoLOGIC, that is focused on Process and Task Mining, Sofia has founded Blueprint Software Systems, focused on Requirements Modeling and Test Generation. Sofia is an actual visionary who can predict market trends ahead of time and that is one of the reasons why she has been able to take the organization to new heights with each passing day.

"StereoLOGIC clients most frequently report Operating Cost Savings and Improvement of Customer Experience accomplished through streamlined processes and faster client services. "

Stereologic was started in 2008 year as an answer to the most critical question of all digital transformation and RPA initiatives “How to automate what you do not know?” In other words, “How to understand, optimize and automate poorly documented, outdated or even totally unknown enterprise business processes” Manual process analysis and documentation is time consuming (up to 40% of project time) , requires expensive BA resources and what is what is most important- results are unreliable (human errors, lost processes, inaccurate process time). Sofia and her team came to idea that business processes can be extracted and analyzed automatically practically in no time based on real time monitoring of what employee do and which operations they perform. It was a new “WORD” in the industry. The corresponding patent application was applied, and the work has been started. Gartner introduced terms “Process Mining” and “Task Mining” for these new approaches.

“You do not need to install anything on your employee desktops. StereoLOGIC monitoring is instantly activated by opening a browser and entering a URL. StereoLOGIC will monitor employee’s processes across all applications and office tools regardless of the underlying technology,” explains Sofia. “Even your custom one-of-a-kind apps are supported. The data is collected on best-in-class secure enterprise server hosted either on premises or in the cloud. Whether your employees work from home or in globally distributed offices and service centers, StereoLOGIC is ready to help you accomplish the highest performance, service quality and efficiency in your operations.” It is pertinent to mention that StereoLOGIC will provide the results regardless of the number and type of IT systems used by an employees. Even if they spend eight hours a day performing complex spreadsheet manipulations in Excel, StereoLOGIC will provide accurate process and task recognition.

StereoLOGIC clients most frequently report Operating Cost Savings and Improvement of Customer Experience accomplished through streamlined processes and faster client services. For example, Pitney Bowes achieved 30% FTE cost savings and 56% acceleration of North American call center operations in the first 3 months they started using StereoLOGIC. In the words of their client, StereoLOGIC enables them to “see what’s going on inside business operations”. This transforms how organizations service clients, manage projects, and govern employees. Transformation and RPA projects move at higher speeds and generate better ROI. Managers enjoy awareness predictability of outcomes. Most important, StereoLOGIC improves the experience for both employees and clients. “I want to suggest every leader to offer quality products. No matter how much capital you invest into marketing, if the product does not speak for itself, the clients will push back and choose other alternatives.”

At the present time the company is growing their partner network to enable their clients have access to StereoLOGIC software and specialists in all parts of the world. At the same time, StereoLOGIC is continuing innovation in the Process and Task Mining field and maintains technical leadership in semantic recognition and analysisof business processes. “In the nearest time you can expect to hear about StereoLOGIC partnerships with robotic process automation and low code vendors, which will provide clients with more integrated hyper-automation solutions generating higher ROI for the client,” says Sofia.

Starting more than 12 years ago ,StereoLOGIC is proud to be a Pioner in this rapidly growing Process and Task Mining Market IE




Sofia Passova
President, CEO & Founder of StereoLOGIC
StereoLOGIC offers the world’s quickest Process Mining and Diagnostics solution. StereoLOGIC provides automatic non-intrusive monitoring of employee operations and generation of “end-to-end” business process maps, time measurements and information about inefficient process activities that can be automated or improved

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