Scott McQuarrie, CEO of Backstreet Surveillance, 10 Best Security Solution Providers of 2021

Scott McQuarrie
CEO of Backstreet Surveillance

Scott McQuarrie, CEO of Backstreet Surveillance

“A Proactive Vulnerability Management Program for Clients”

For years, home and business video surveillance solutions have been primarily serviced by two extremes: big box store DIY kits and expensive security dealers. The security experts at Backstreet Surveillance realized the DIY market clearly had a void in services. No professional DIY support or resources existed for the handy homeowner or the business with an IT or maintenance department. Both possess the skill to pull cable and mount cameras but tend to lack the expertise to select cameras, design systems and solve installation challenges.

Since its inception, Backstreet was designed to provide expert DIY security services nationwide. In basic terms, the customer provides the brawn and Backstreet provides the brains. The company operates an extensive and informative website ( backed by a fully staffed technical department, providing design, programming and troubleshooting services nationwide.

This business model has been a big winner for the company. As stated by the company’s CEO Scott McQuarrie, “The business model is tried and proven, generating over $100 million in online sales.” The large sales volume allows the company to engineer their cameras, select the highest quality performance specifications and set innovative standards. This effort has been overwhelmingly successful for the company, allowing them to offer the industry’s longest warranty of 5 years.

"The company’s website averages 2,500 visitors a day. Being internet based with a national reach the company is contacted daily with unique challenging opportunities."

2020 was an excellent year for the company as the support staff doubled, sales rose 44% and the company launched a new nationwide installation service. Now the customer has the choice of a DIY or complete turn key surveillance solution. As management states, “Backstreet is the only company nationwide with the ability to quote an up-front fixed price for installation. There is only one low price for installation nationwide, whether it be in New York or California.” With the support of a nationwide network of IT professionals, the company is successfully managing the installation of home and business systems all over the country.

Backstreet’s plan to grow and compete is simple: Be fast and be first. The company invests heavily in customer support technologies. From patented universal security camera mounts to cutting edge design tools, Backstreet is constantly developing new and innovative tools to propel the industry forward. A great example of one of these innovations is the company’s new custom security camera kit builder. allows anyone to design a custom video surveillance system without having any previous knowledge about security cameras.

2021 will again be a big year for the company as they expand the installation department and add new technologies, such as full color night vision products. Online marketing will continue to expand through the company’s YouTube channel and other social media platforms. The company boasts over 30,000 cameras sold each year with 2021 projections indicating that 35-40,000 cameras are to be sold.

Backstreet’s website averages 2,500 visitors a day. Being internet based with a national reach means that the company is contacted daily with unique and challenging opportunities. From the homeowner that is in need of a better performing CCTV system to the nuclear power plant that is searching for surveillance design expertise, Backstreet supports it all. 2020 saw the company excel in several vertical markets. The recent influx in new storage facilities has generated a very profitable niche for the company and 2020 also saw a significant demand for life safety solutions in churches and religious facilities. As management states, “There is no vertical industry we cannot target, service and support. Backstreet makes sure that you get it right the first time.” IE


Backstreet Surveillance


Scott McQuarrie
CEO of Backstreet Surveillance


Backstreet Surveillance provides expertly designed video security systems for business, government and schools. Our experts design it, you install it, and our award winning support staff helps with any questions or challenges that pop up. The result is a high performance video security solution at the right price. Visit our website and book a free system design today!

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