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Saurabh Anand
Founder & CEO of The Architecture Practice

Saurabh Anand, Founder & CEO of The Architecture Practice Certificate

“Bringing a Revolutionary Approach”

The Architecture Practice (TAP) is a consulting organization with keen focus on strategy, architecture, target operating models, blueprints, roadmaps, go to market approaches, business cases, business analysis, technical assessments, costing models and feasibility studies. The organization has gained new height under the aegis of Saurabh Anand, who is the Founder and CEO of TAP. He has helped build and transform the organization utilizing his ability to understand the problems being faced by the clients and visualize them in a manner that makes sense to the client, exceptional experience, passion and understating of the ICT industry, focus on building relationships and not money, vision, foresight and ability to think outside the box.

"TAP was founded to solve problems for organizations"

According to Saurabh, over the years, the role of ICT as a simple support function has evolved into that of a key business enabler. As a result, businesses are looking for robust and scalable ICT solutions including architecture approaches, future state roadmaps and models to ensure long term effectiveness of their business strategies. TAP was founded to fix this and solve problems for organizations. “Our aim is to focus on Strategy and Architecture from a technology and vendor agnostic perspective and deliver this value by providing high quality, practical and useful ICT architecture and strategy solutions for smooth functioning of their business,” he says. TAP is a leader in the Australian market offering innovative enterprise, solution, integration and security architecture, including cloud and development operations (DevOps) strategies, in depth business analysis and business case development, high level designs, roadmaps, implementation plans and manage go to market approaches. TAP has a varied client base covering government and private sector enterprises Australia wide.

TAP has been actively helping organizations establish and grow their own architecture capabilities. “We have helped multiple organizations across government and private sector define and develop the following (but not limited to) benchmarking their current Architecture capability, effective Architecture Process and Governance Framework, Architecture Terms of Reference, Architecture Standards, Guidelines and Principles, Fit-for-purpose Current and Target State Architecture, Business Blueprints, Capabilities, Roadmaps, Operating Models, etc…” adds Saurabh. “Our aim is to help organizations mature in their overall architecture capability and take ownership in the medium to long term. We help them mature, provide guidance, train their staff and provide support as required. We have no intention of becoming part of the furniture and our focus is on adding value and setting the organization for success.”

Since inception, TAP has been heavily involved in the departments and agencies of the Australian Government, from large departments like Australian Department of Defence to research/statistical agencies like the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Each department or agency presents its own unique set of business problems to be solved and each with a varying funding profile. TAP explores each of these opportunities to help with equal passion to solve enterprises problems in the most creative and effective. TAP takes on each of these challenges in a way that will bring value not only to those in the departments but ultimately for the public that they serve. In this way TAP is bringing a mechanism that helps the Government to spend its money on ICT in the wisest way possible and that really brings benefit to all. “We believe this revolutionary approach has helped us become the trusted advisors of government and private sector and we have seen this in our growth since our inception with a client profile of over 38 clients across federal government, state government, transport, health, aviation, banking, aviation, automotive and sports industry sectors” adds Saurabh.

Saurabh has been extremely active in supporting clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a new world and has changed the focus of organizations on IT as a core enabling capability to run their business. In today’s world, without IT there is potentially no business. “So, we have been actively supporting our clients on this journey and ensuring that they are setup for the future,” he adds. “We have helped multiple government and private sector organizations get ready to respond to COVID-19 especially around IT strategies, mobility, working from home arrangements, business continuity plans, disaster recovery plans, innovative architecture and general assurance activities.”IE


The Architecture Practice


Saurabh Anand
Founder & CEO of The Architecture Practice
The Architecture Practice was founded in 2014 to deliver value to organisations by bridging the gap between Business and ICT and delivering fit-for-purpose solutions.

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