Sara Paz, CMO of Embed

Sara Paz
CMO of Embed

Sara Paz, CMO of Embed Certificate

“Transforming The Business of Fun.”

Sara’s industry-transforming achievements is evident in her fearless leadership during the pandemic. When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, Sara and the Embed Executive team were determined to bring the light when others were retreating and going dark, by bringing the entire industry together, from thought-leaders to the titans of industry, and demonstrated their commitment to the industry’s recovery by leading Embed through a dramatic pivot (working in 6-week cycles of innovation) to deliver a series of initiatives that helped pull the industry through the pandemic crisis. “At Embed, we are proud to be part of the Business of Fun and to work alongside all of our friends and partners. Throughout this pandemic, we’ve developed and enacted various relief acts, including our COVID-19 Relief Act, the strongest demonstration of our commitment to our industry’s recovery.” said Sara.

“Marketing isn't something that you do, it's everything you do! Every touchpoint either makes or breaks your brand. ~ Sara Paz, CMO, Embed”

Proving that actions are stronger than empty words, Embed’s actions during the pandemic speak for themselves:

• In March, Embed huddled with the industry to spotlight industry insiders, who shared their strength and leadership via #EmbedLIVE (over 97-videos!) and published free insight white papers, almost 100 blogs to support the industry through the uncertain time.

• In April, Embed implemented Embed’s COVID-19 Relief Act: giving the latest award-winning innovation, The Mobile Wallet to everyone for free for 1-year, and doing so simply because it’s what the industry most needs now, low-touch and contactless payments.

• In May, Embed launched COVID-19 Resource Centre which includes an array of free tools for the industry: professional creative toolkits to facilitate a successful reopening and launching The Mobile Wallet, expediting their businesses recovery.

• And in July, Embed demonstrated its commitment to the industry by joining the fight to eradicate COVID-19 with a new approach to hygiene protection: Embed Hygiene Defence products - Powerful 100% Natural, Non-Toxic, Hygiene Protection That’s Safe for Families. Family Entertainment is a family-centric industry, and the cleaning products need to be family-friendly.

The brand renewal work started in Q1 2019, when Sara Paz joined Helix Leisure, from hyper-competitive high-tech industries and top-10 brand. “I joined Helix Leisure because it is an extraordinary company with talented and passionate people, who’ve been in the industry (the Business of Fun) for years, working for the greater good: delivering business technology solutions that not only empower business owners (Operators) to take their business to a new level, but enhance and elevate the overall guest experience. It is clear that the industry is on the cusp of tremendous transformation driven by the combination of technology and creativity, and I want to be part of Transforming the Business of Fun.”

Tasked with architecting the overall marketing function at Embed, Paz led the redefining and rejuvenation of every single internal and external touchpoint, from the Embed and Booking Boss brand logos to elevating the designs of all marketing assets,messaging, website designs, marketing channels, media, and an organizational restructure and ultimately led Embed to win the Best Booth Design Award at AMOA Amusement Expo in New Orleans.

“The new marketing strategy is anchored by the superior guest experience enabled by our business solution, so it impacts everything: it serves as the beacon of light that informs every single business and operating decision, as it is tightly woven into the very fabric of who we are and what we offer.” said Sara Paz, Embed’s Chief Marketing Officer. “This exercise is about the creative expression of the very core of who Embed is, what drives Embed, what we believe-in, our value system.” And just when that marketing work was completed and Embed was beginning to get awards, COVID was declared a pandemic and the world locked-down. “I’m proud to be part of an Executive team that focused on doing everything within our means to support our industry’s recovery from the pandemic via countless relief acts. This not only required pivoting our strategy and plans, but working around-the-clock in 6-week cycles of innovation (moving faster and working harder than ever before). It was unequivocally an exhausting time, but the conflation of initiatives was the noblest occupation of our time, which served to propel us forward (we learned what we’re made of), knowing difficult times have the power to bring out the best in people. We were inspired by it. We wanted to be part of it. And, we proved that tough times don’t last, but tough people do..” said Sara. IE




Sara Paz
CMO of Embed


Embed is the worldwide leader of the integrated cashless business management systems and solutions for family Entertainment, Amusement and Attractions (including gamecards, kiosks, gamecard readers, cashless payment business reporting and management, and hygiene defence). Embed is the only FEC business solutions provider to partner with Google and Apple to gain compliance for the Embed system to place the virtual game card in the Mobile Wallet (for contactless game play that can be reloaded anytime, anywhere). This breakthrough makes Embed the only non-banking finance -payment or loyalty card business and brand card that sits in the mobile wallet (no app download required).

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