Sara Craven, Chief Operating Officer of Verifi, Inc. Profile

Sara Craven
Chief Operating Officer of Verifi, Inc.

Sara Craven, Chief Operating Officer of Verifi, Inc. Certificate

“Nurturing Collaboration Towards Growth”

Sara Craven, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ‎Verifi’s motto is “Trust and empower your team and raise them up with you.” Sara joined Verifi at a time of enormous global change within the financial technology industry. A visionary with a team-leading spirit, Sara had an immediate impact on Verifi, attributed as one of the company’s main success factors and enabling Verifi to survive huge economic downturns and thrive in times of economic growth.

With ten direct reports and ultimately leading over 180 Verifi team members, which accounts for nearly 80% of the Verifi workforce, Sara leads Verifi’s Human Resources, Customer Services, Client Relations, Partnerships, and Marketing teams. Each of these departments is run by dynamic women. Under her leadership, many team members have received promotions to various positions, including Senior Vice President, Vice President, and Director; other team members have risen through the ranks from entry-level to middle management. Sara coaches her teams and effects change by nurturing their skills and providing them with the guidance to drive their destiny. Her leadership style imparts critical thinking to analyze a situation, ensuring the best outcome is achieved in the most effective way possible. This approach focuses on developing strategic skills to drive growth that has a meaningful impact on team members’ professional careers and personal lives. With the guidance of Sara’s management style and leadership, Verifi has flourished.

"Trust and empower your team and raise them up with you."

Over the last two years, departments led by Verifi’s women senior leaders have implemented tangible and lasting impacts on the business. For example, marketing has reinvigorated the Verifi brand, Client Relations has achieved and held a client retention record of 90%, and Human Resources has implemented an exciting Employee Engagement program leading to a record-high Employee Pulse Survey Response. In addition to seeking the best and most effective outcome, Sara’s coaching style seeks the best course through collaboration. Fostering this collaborative approach in any business scenario, Sara strives to ensure women’s voices are heard and equal in both responsibility and remuneration throughout Verifi. Diversity and inclusion are strong values upheld at Verifi. Throughout the business, there are women leaders of color and minority groups of high visibility, making immeasurable impacts on the direction Verifi takes and the development of personal and professional growth.

In 2017 and 2018, Verifi launched two new products under Sara’s direct leadership of the organization. These products revolutionized how Verifi’s clients and partners deflected disputes and recovered revenue otherwise lost to chargebacks. In December 2020, Verifi launched its first product as part of Visa. Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR) provides automated, real-time dispute resolution and chargeback prevention for e-commerce buyers and sellers. Now, sellers can protect themselves – and their customers – from unwarranted disputes when customers present them to their payment card issuers.

What’s more, only Visa and Verifi could provide the real-time resolution of RDR on a global scale. Visa is the largest card brand provider in the world with the largest issuer network. Verifi’s peerless payment protection technologies, combined with Visa’s array of purchasing capabilities throughout the world of payments, can now automatically enable sellers and issuers to resolve transaction disputes at the point of customer inquiry.

Verifi has made defining rules and attributes for automated dispute resolution a simple task for sellers. Once completed, the automated system of RDR enables sellers to focus their attention and resources on business growth and customer service instead of resources being diverted to manual dispute review and the laborious efforts of chargeback representment. Of course, rules and attributes can be adjusted to address changing trends and suit the best needs of the individual business.

Verifi is constantly striving to deliver solutions that provide value for our diverse range of clients. For example, in December 2020, Verifi launched Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR). This powerful, game-changing solution requires collaboration on the part of sellers, their acquirers, and issuers. Luckily, both issuer and seller are interested in keeping their cardholder/customer satisfied, so global adoption of RDR is expected to keep pace with projections.


Verifi, Inc.


Sara Craven
Chief Operating Officer of Verifi, Inc.


Founded in 2005, Verifi’s dispute management services have helped sellers retain revenue and stay focused on core business, as well as reduce costs for card-issuing banks on unnecessary refunds and card reissuance. Verifi’s end-to-end suite of payment solutions PREVENT disputes, RESOLVE disputes, RECOVER revenue lost to disputes, and INFORM sellers of confirmed disputes and fraud. Verifi works with companies of all sizes and industries, delivering robust SaaS payment protection solutions that reduce the strain on operational resources and help maximize profits.

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