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Sandeep Deokule
Founder & CEO of DevCool Inc.

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“Implementing AI in Hospitals for Enhanced Care”

Sandeep Deokule’s healthcare journey started with his early days at Deloitte, where he was consulting for healthcare companies. During the early 2000s, healthcare companies were going through technology transformation; the Founder & CEO of DevCool Inc. saw the opportunity and started DevCool to help various healthcare organizations implement the right technologies. Today, Sandeep has two companies DevCool and HiPaaS, and both focused on healthcare. DevCool’s goal is to help Hospitals to innovate via AI and at the same time keep EMR management costs lower. HiPaaS, on the other hand, is focused on helping Healthcare Insurance companies better manage claims, eligibility, and payments with our AI-driven EDI & FHIR Interop solution. DevCool is born in Silicon Valley and their differentiator always has been blending the traditional Healthcare IT quagmire with new generation technologies. “What gives us an edge is our expertise, our experience, and the fact that we always put patients first. There’s a reason six of the top 10 leading hospitals in California trust us with their technology services,” adds Sandeep.

DevCool is focused on helping Hospitals deliver next-generation technologies. “We have 200+ employees working across 30+ states. We are helping Hospitals manage Epic systems and helping to drive future systems to meet the changing healthcare priorities says Sandeep. “Due to the pandemic, the delivery of care has shifted to online at a greater rate than before. We have helped our customers implement Telehealth and integrated payment methods to support that growth and need.” He adds, “many of our customers are also expanding Hospitals by adding more beds or newer facilities, and to support them we have launched IT construction managed services where we offer end to end expansion related services.”

"Devcool’s goal is to help Hospitals manage EMR applications while keeping the cost low, our Epic managed services team is scaling every day and we are continuously exploring lower cost centers across US."

The company is also investing heavily to help Hospitals enable AI to manage high-risk patient conditions. Their Parex platforms provide everything needed to enable, track, and in real-time support complex AI solutions and successfully implement key predictive analytics clinical models like sepsis monitoring, mortality rate monitoring, population health management models as well as clinical trial management. “Our platforms monitor patient data like vitals, labs and meds and runs the model in real time to provide key indicators to the clinical staff. We are proud that DevCool has contributed to help Hospitals in reducing mortality rates,” he adds.

Devcool’s goal is to help Hospitals manage EMR applications while keeping the cost low; their Epic managed services team is scaling every day. They are continuously exploring lower-cost centers across the US. “We at DevCool, want to give new graduates opportunity to learn and help the US Healthcare system,” says Sandeep. “As an entrepreneur, for me the important lesson has been how to be true to yourself. Over years, I have seen various startups struggle and even close down.” It’s always easy to get distracted as the market demands and conditions change, but the key is to be focused and grounded to take the company to what they feel like a success, not how others define success. “Focus on transparency, integrity, and in turn deliver trust to our customers. Make a goal to help healthcare organization walk through the innovation journey one step at a time,” he says.

The two key areas where Sandeep sees his companies future headed are, first, to improve patient outcomes by implementing various AI uses cases. Secondly, to develop low-cost EMR managed services in the US, more of the younger generation can get into Healthcare IT. “Over years, we have done interesting and cutting-edge work in healthcare space. Our challenge always has been around readiness of Healthcare organizations to adapt to innovation,” adds Sandeep. “For us it is critical to work with customers to walk them through the journey and become their trusted partner”, says Sandeep. IE


DevCool Inc.


Sandeep Deokule
Founder & CEO of DevCool Inc.


DevCool was founded in 2007 with intention to solve complex technology problems and deliver innovation to healthcare industry. Over years we have successfully implemented projects for top Healthcare insurance and hospitals across USA. We have developed microservices based healthcare platform to make it easy to integrate and scale disconnected healthcare functions – HiPaaS. We also deliver technology projects for HiTech startups who want to explore new technologies like telematics, microservices, AI, machine learning and others. DevCool experts work from our office in Pleasanton, CA and Pune, India We are highly appraised by our customers

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