Roshan Seresinhe, CFO & COO of Younger Optics, Top 10 Admired Leaders of 2022

Roshan Seresinhe
Younger Optics

Roshan Seresinhe, CFO & COO of Younger Optics

“Easy company norms make business easy”

Younger Optics preserves its image as a quality lens innovator and that the company is committed to anticipating and addressing the needs of its customers. As Roshan Seresinhe, CFO & COO of Younger Optics says, we work hard to ensure that our products and services are the best in the business and, as determined by our internal and external customers, we are "The Easiest Company to Do Business With."

Along with his formal education in electrical engineering and computer science, Roshan is also well-versed in the field of manufacturing technologies, accounting, financial management, supply chain as well as logistics. Roshan's skills are considered top-notch; he spends a lot of time learning every industrial function so he can relate to employees on their level.

As a better leader, Roshan is shaped by his personal and professional experiences and is known for maintaining a laser-like focus on operational efficiency and process consistency. Roshan is in charge of a large number of employees, and to maintain a personal touch he does his best to remember as many names as possible. To ensure that everyone in the company feels valued and appreciated, he puts in great effort to cultivate positive working connections at all levels. Years ago, Roshan learned a key lesson: anything may happen to anyone, and no one is invincible. Laws are universal and leaders must lead by example.

Roshan opines that no human is the same, and hence the struggle will persist forever. Citing an example, he found, initially, criticism difficult to accept, but he quickly understood that it was an opportunity to learn and grow beyond his degrees.

Once he realized this, he viewed criticism favorably and developed commercial and technical expertise. He uses this method to help other people, but he knows that not everyone can take criticism well, so he works on his communication skills.

Constantly working with the mentality of Today Not Tomorrow is one more important notion Roshan believes in and explains that tomorrow will bring new obstacles. This culture helps the organization solve obstacles quickly by operating on this assumption. In fact, the operational budgets are also checked daily, so challenges can be handled swiftly instead of waiting for the monthly financials. Emergencies creates stress and dysfunction, and we must do our best to avoid them.

Roshan describes consistency in all areas, not just quality and output. His early work was in implantable device production at Johnson & Johnson, Pharmacia Inc. He is an ardent believer in GMP and feels consistency is the foundation for a manufacturing organization's success. The consistency culture is extended to all areas of the company such as Leadership, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Logistics, Housekeeping to name a few. An everyday examination and correction of GMP conformance helps organizational cohesion.

Younger Optics is a 67-year-old company that was founded as a result of entrepreneurship; hence, we strive to provide entrepreneurs and startups with opportunities to fulfill their supply requirements, says Roshan. Many small businesses have benefited from supplying Younger Optics with goods and services. Roshan is also working with the people in his hometown of Santa Clarita, California, to come up with a plan in which the area's successful residents sponsor local businesses and he is in the process of planning this.

Prescription lens manufacturer Younger Optics is known for its cutting-edge technology. Roshan states that his company has created ground-breaking innovations that have transformed the optical business and catapulted it to new heights. If we continue to innovate, our future will be bright, says Roshan. The simple fact is that the company is the "Easiest Company to Do Business With" and that is the reason prescription polarized lenses were less than 1% of all prescriptions dispensed twenty years ago, the market share of polarized lenses has grown to over 10% now. Our customers, employees, and vendors are all part of this, in our opinion. Workers enjoy their work and suppliers who supply the resources as requested will produce a high-quality product that customers will be happy with; this is our belief. A discussion of the future and communal growth will be easier if we can avoid discussing difficulties.

Our customers greatly enjoy their relationship with Younger Optics, and able to reach us in all departments, not simply sales. We attempt to help our consumers no matter what their needs are, resulting in a highly personalized relationship that goes beyond sales. We are resilient and committed to continually strengthening our employee and customer relationships.

We must be the "Easiest Company to Do Business With." This is what got us here, and it will keep us there. We are a company with humble origins that will never forget its past. We respect, value and appreciate our founders, our customers, our suppliers and our employees. We firmly believe in humanity and is the background of Younger Optics, says Roshan. IE


Younger Optics


Roshan Seresinhe
Younger Optics


For more than 65 years, Younger Optics has established itself as a leader in the optical industry by developing new and innovative lens solutions. From polarized sun lenses that block blinding glare to lenses designed specifically for the driving task - Younger provides a wide array of lens options, materials and treatments to meet virtually every eyewear need: quality products that help people to see better.

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