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Roberto Rodriguez
CEO of IQTek Solutions

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“Delivering High Standards of Tech Solutions”

Roberto Rodriguez, having been the head of different sales teams, saw that there was a lack of skills in the majority of the integration companies to deliver the Digital Transformation technologies/solutions that would be needed in the marketplace. Therefore, IQtek was born primarily to deliver high-quality technology solutions and services, especially focused on telephony, network optimization, cybersecurity and collaboration. This focus on high standards led very quickly to leadership in the market.

"IQTEK Solutions is an organization with an impressive capacity for adaptability with an ergonomic grasp of the ever-changing business environment."

At IQTek Roberto, the CEO & his team prepare a comprehensive suite of products and services that help customers accelerate their digital transformation path, calling it IQDigitalChange, which combines the latest exponential technologies and the customers' strategic business outcomes to develop new services and processes that the client requires to set the pace in their market segment. IQtek provides a complete portfolio of innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics, Advanced Analytics, Digital Experiences Platform, and Robotic Process automation. These are some of the latest technologies being used to boost their client’s efficiency, providing accurate results and removing mundane chores from workers, making them better and more satisfied in their job.

Today IQTEK Solutions is an organization with an impressive capacity for adaptability with an ergonomic grasp of the ever-changing business environment. “We are determined to share what we've have gained in all aspects of our growth with our clients so they too can replicate and incorporate adaptation and productivity through better practices in their own companies and organizations,” says Roberto. The CEO of IQtek Solutions is a passionate leader and a visionary! With a futuristic and strategic vision of the company, he does not accept second best from his team or for his customers.

Roberto acts as an orchestrator and motivator, leading and supporting all different departments to achieve corporate and customer goals. Roberto’s aggressive, positive, and persistent actions set the company's standards and the team to be their best and deliver a higher standard of technology outcomes to the marketplace.

When the pandemic suddenly entered our lives, Roberto quickly recognized the importance of business continuity as the spread of COVID-19 and personal health concerns became paramount. IQTek quickly became focused on remote working and maintaining existing or enhancing network security precautions as workers are now outside of controlled environments; and collaboration.

“For some time before the Covid-19 Pandemic, we were already planning on developing Cloud Cybersecurity Services and a supporting Security Operation Center (SOC) focused on achieving compliance with Industry regulations as well as Certification from the most trusted and important agencies in North America and Europe,” he says. “We think this it's the most adequate business evolution and growth strategy, which it's very much part of our corporate DNA, because we were already offering an ample variety of services aimed at Information Security, as well as acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge/know-how from the Cybersecurity ecosystem.” IQSoc was successfully launched this year, and the main strategy is to continue the integration of Artificial Intelligence solutions and Machine Learning capabilities, to provide clients with proactive solutions and strategies that will allow them to Anticipate, Detect, Mitigate and Remediate new security threats and cyberattacks. “This is a project we are fully committed to grow and strengthen for the coming 2021 year.”

Moreover, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, Roberto & his team were able to effectively detect approximately 36,500 cyberattacks daily, with a total number between 8M to 13M during March through October 2020; without a doubt, this has been one of the most beneficial contributions they have been able to achieve for the benefit of the Dominican Republic as well as the entire geographic region. “We continue with our expansion plan regardless of the pandemic. We will continue to grow in the English Caribbean, growing operations in the British Virgin Islands, expanding our digital transformation portfolio and strengthening ourselves around our 4 pillars: Cybersoc, Infrastructure, Services and Digital Transformation,” adds Roberto. IE


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Roberto Rodriguez
CEO of IQTek Solutions


Technology consultancy with headquarters in the Dominican Republic and regional presence in Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama and Puerto Rico, which is committed to a culture that encourages the use of technology to make companies more productive and efficient. IQtek helps organizations in all sectors to be successful in their digital evolution, which involves transforming business models, optimizing the experience of customers and citizens, and improving the innovation capacity of work teams.

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