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Robert J. Chandler
Chairman & CEO of Simplex Financials

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“Collaboration and KPIs are the key to business growth”

Today companies struggle to perform unique calculations for their specific needs. They waste time trying to find information and struggle with communication and documentation of business decisions. Business owners don’t understand how money flows through their business or key metrics they should be tracking daily. Path by Simplex provides a solution to organize business data, communicate with all team members, and make sound business decisions using real-time data in one place.

Robert J. Chandler leads Path by Simplex as the CEO who has always advocated for small business success. Businesses need advisory help to make sound business decisions. Communication between business owners and advisors can be difficult for many. Robert saw a need where business owners and accountants can collaborate on financial metrics in real-time, thus the vision for Path. Path allows business owners and their accountants to understand the metrics that make up the business.

The company provides a platform that has ability to set and monitor goals, KPIs, and provide collaborative management information for both accounting professionals and business owners. Path gives business owners and accounting professionals a place to collaborate on business data and finally understand how certain metrics impact the business's overall value. “By integrating directly into QuickBooks Online, Path shows you instantaneous data so you can make decisions quicker.”

"Learn how to analyze, collaborate, and present business data effectively."

They automate metrics and have consistent discussions with the client’s team, so everyone has all the information they need to make business decisions. Data Mash allows users to automatically calculate financial metrics consistently and show the calculation on the Timeline. Like a social media feed, the Timeline showcases real-time numbers, and it is easy to comment on and discuss the numbers as soon as they pop up. In Path, documents or reports can be attached to ensure everyone has all the necessary information to complete tasks and make decisions.

“We serve clients in all industries. What we have found to be a little challenging, is trying to include KPI’s specific to certain industries. Every business is different and requires different metrics. As we continue to grow and add more people to our platform, we can add and grow our platform’s metrics library to help all businesses to start tracking KPI’s,” says Robert. “Currently, we only integrate with QuickBooks Online. In order to be a place where all business data is collected, we need to add integrations. We have customers who want to see other integrations like Google Analytics, etc. Those will come in future versions of the platform.”

In an instance, NetConcept, a firm that assists enterprises in their Analytical Data Assessment and digital transformation, faced some challenges in understanding financial reports - a common problem among business owners. A member of the company, Shane, is a Senior Data Scientist who works with the clients on these goals and objectives. He implemented Path into his business and utilized features such as:

• To-Do List

• Data Mash – Financial Calculation Tool

• Impact Center

• Industry Comparison

• Business Snapshot

• Business Analysis

These features helped Shane track key financial metrics in his business, build and automate real-time calculations, track and assign tasks to his team or clients, analyze money in and out of his business, and easily understand what his financial statements are saying. “By connecting with QuickBooks Online®, Path is always up to date and provides easy to understand analysis of your business’ financial health.”

The company is looking to integrate into other accounting software and other 3rd party integrations for the days to come. As their product develops, they will provide more resources on how to use it or maximize value in the business. “Sky is the limit – we want to listen to our customers concerning what they want and be able to provide the help/resources they need. As our community grows, we want to see more business owners using the software regularly. It becomes something routine to make business decisions,” says Robert. “Data driven business decisions will be another addition and we will use all the data we have and use it to guide us moving forward.” IE


Simplex Financials


Robert J. Chandler
Chairman & CEO of Simplex Financials


We help accountants implement custom financial metrics with real-time data from QuickBooks Online without tedious spreadsheets. We help small businesses understand financial metrics and provide them with the tools to make informed business decisions without feeling overwhelmed by the numbers.

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