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Rene Wachter
COO of GoldenRace

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“An Out-of-the-box Thinker”

Rene Wachter, COO of GoldenRace, has always been considered a great leader. The reasons are simple yet pioneering: he empowers people, giving them freedom and making them responsible, offering them the necessary advice to help them achieve their goals, so the company succeeds. “Since I’m in this role, we have changed the way we are working totally, especially in how teams are working internally and with each other. Internal communications and transparency have improved a lot and these are some of the main keys to be successful,” says Rene. “Only if any single employee understands his or her importance for the company will they stay focussed and will always do their best for the sake of the company, cause the company is always on top!”

Advising the budding entrepreneurs, Rene says, listening to different people, being optimistic, treating every employee as a good friend, and always expecting the most from them makes a successful leader. “Don’t follow, find your own way, and one of the best ways is the agile methodology and empowering people.”

"All of that ends up in a situation where the competition is always in a rush to provide similar solutions, meaning we are already and again at least one step in front."

By thinking outside the box, Rene has been able to take the company to new heights. “You need to be different from the others, going different ways. We don’t follow, we want to be followed. Besides the newest technologies, we are adjusting our workflow continuously,” he says. “All of that ends up in a situation where the competition is always in a rush to provide similar solutions, meaning we are already and again at least one step in front.”

Based on realistic odds, GoldenRace’s virtual sports engage players constantly, generating more than 15 million tickets per day through major partners around the world. These realistic odds that make up their virtual sports look like the real ones and offer real results. Since the final clients are regular sportsbook bettors, they recognize the real odds of the teams, making GoldenRace products perfect for bookmakers to offer between matches and therefore is so successful around the world.

On top of that, there is a combination of factors that increase their success, such as designing a familiar layout and the use of ultimate motion capture techniques, amazing visual and sound FX, a great support team. Players get immersed in authentic sports betting experience, which makes the GoldenRace clients generate a great amount of income, unprecedented before for virtual sports. Nowadays, in most of Africa and some countries like Italy, the bets in virtual sports generate more tickets than real sports. “I am certain because of my years in this business, seeing how the industry has been developed, that GoldenRace has opened markets and possibilities for this product that were not available before,” explains Rene. “We also lead the way on virtual sports design, since so many competitors have modified their offer following ours, and they still keep doing it.”

GoldenRace’s innovative HTML5 retail solution incorporates a large suite of top-grossing games available for all types of land-based operators after a fast integration. The games are preloaded in the solution, including the most played virtual football in the industry, horse races, dog races, number games, and much more. From small shops to industry leaders, all of GoldenRace’s partners can enjoy the benefits of the highest-quality retail betting platform with the lowest investment costs in the market. And, the setup process for GoldenRace products is really quick and easy. “Also, because of our live-rendering technology, the games updates are done almost immediately, and shops don't need to invest in expensive hardware to provide a high quality 3D offer anywhere in the world,” adds Rene.

GoldenRace team is always working on improvements, both for their games and solutions, developing new tools to increase customers' income and make the betting experience better for the player. “We are also in the process of obtaining certifications for new markets, to keep on growing and reaching more customers and players with our award-winning virtual sports,” says Rene. “We are also preparing some new, amazing games to launch soon and updating our existing ones to excellent levels.” IE




Rene Wachter
COO of GoldenRace


GoldenRace is a leading developer and provider of award-winning virtual sports and betting solutions. Based on realistic odds, our virtual sports engage players constantly, generating more than 25 million bets per day. With the most reliable and cost-effective solution for retail in the market and a cutting-edge online platform for desktop and mobile, operators can deliver our attractive set of exciting sports customised according to their needs.

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