Ren Menon, Chief Executive Officer & co-founder of OrthoFX profile

Ren Menon
Chief Executive Officer & co-founder of OrthoFX

Ren Menon, Chief Executive Officer & co-founder of OrthoFX Certificate

“Making People Smile”

Ren Menon, Co-Founder, and CEO of Ortho FX, has been hailed as the design and creative force behind the company’s products and services. The qualities he has been leading the company include having an inspiring vision – a sense of purpose that feels like a true calling, clarity in communications, radical empathy, relentless focus on execution, and developing the right culture. Ren, alongside his co-founders Nichole and Henry, started Ortho FX because they thought the teeth-straightening industry was not offering the best or fulfilling the client’s needs. The pricing model was unclear, DIY kits were proving dangerous, and people weren’t always getting the perfect smile promised, which isn’t right. So they set out to straighten the industry.

They left Invisalign behind with a mission to create an experience with customers at the core of everything they do. They use their 15+ years of industry expertise to make sure everyone can feel confident smiling safely and conveniently. “Constantly serving as the chief calibrator, evaluating what opportunities are the same, what has changed. What velocity of progress is the same, what needs to be accelerated or slowed down. We are thinking bigger and faster,” says Ren. “We have rethought how work gets done from a zerobase. We have recalibrated how leaders and employees show up at the org.”

The company differentiates itself based on product innovation, focus on customer experience, and end-to-end solutions. The company is committed to continuing polymer technology innovation by hiring industry experts like Loc to understand customers’ needs and pain points. “We want to evolve aligners and retainers from a simple piece of plastic into a smart wearable. Something that consumers would happily and proudly carry with them for the rest of their lives,” says Ren.

"FXOnTrack does not just detect problems; it helps the Doctor fix them remotely also. “For example, our rescue aligners are integrated with FXOnTrack.”

They offer remote monitoring of patient progress via FXOnTrack, LIVE clinical support team, and other integrated technologies that allow doctors to interact with patients safely. Their approach to patient monitoring is unique in that the clinical team and the software review every progress record. FXOnTrack not just provides patient monitoring but also creates a continuous engagement loop between the patient and the practice, giving a sense of safety. FXOnTrack does not just detect problems; it helps the Doctor fix them remotely also. “For example, our rescue aligners are integrated with FXOnTrack. These can correct up to one month of deviation from the treatment plan without in-office visits. Our vision is to evolve FXOnTrack as a lifetime health and wellness monitoring platform.”

“If you haven’t heard of clear aligners yet, it’s about time you did. Correcting teeth alignment issues has never been so easy. Ortho FX clear aligners for teeth corrections make the whole process a seamless affair. Let’s find out why,” elucidates Ren. “Ortho FX Clear Aligners are nearly invisible and provide you with a discreet orthodontic treatment when compared to braces. These removable trays made from transparent plastic fit onto your teeth like a glove and are almost invisible to the naked eye. For example, Ortho FX clear aligners for teeth are manufactured in a way that its surface has a high level of adaptation to the teeth. This means they are almost hard to detect – almost no one can see them when you wear them.” Alongside, Ortho FX clear teeth aligners are removable. A user does not need to change their food habits when undergoing precise aligner treatment as they can remove them while eating, drinking or brushing, or flossing teeth. “It’s important to remember to clean your clear aligners every time you remove them before reinserting them. You can buy clear aligners online, however, you would be handheld by a dentist from the very first day,” explains Ren. “Unlike metal braces, the best online clear aligners are made from quality plastic/polymers and can be worn with minimal discomfort. Ortho FX clear aligners have three layers of polymer making them comfortable to wear with some flexible properties. Most often than not clear aligner treatment takes less time than braces.”

Doctors now having access to a an all-in-one platform; they are expecting that type of an approach vs. piecemeal

Today only 15% of GPs actively participate in Orthodontics. We are working on a technology innovation that enables 100% of GPs to become participants. IE




Ren Menon
Chief Executive Officer & co-founder of OrthoFX


OrthoFX have the best materials technology in the industry, due in large part to Loc Phan, the key scientist behind developing the first ever clear aligner. We are committed to continued polymer technology innovation by hiring a team of industry experts like Loc to understand your needs and pain points, and we can’t do it without your partnership.

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