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Ralf Haberich
CEO Germany of CRM Partners

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“Customer Engagement is a key mindset ”

Customer Engagement is a key mindset at CRM Partners in Germany. Ralf Haberich, CEO, covers this discipline together with his team in all aspects of business relationship towards clients in industries like Chemical, Discrete Manufacturing and Professional Services. International companies like BASF, Bayer or BearingPoint trust the expertise of CRM Partners – a consulting company focused on CRM, Customer Experience and Microsoft Technology.

"Everything we do is focused on making our customers loved by their customers. We believe that the only way to do that is to be personal and relevant. By using the right technology and creating the right mindset, we help organisations throughout Europe to become Customer Engagement Companies. "

Ralf, being responsible for the management of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, has a strong competence on company growth, business development and employee empowerment. He is a senior executive with proven success in customer acquisition, profit & market expansion and international sales and marketing strategy. Consistently builds internal and external relationships to assist in maximizing company success. His extensive understanding of technology platforms, digital business and entrepreneurship ensures a profitable growth of his eco-system. Together with Janine Rohde, HR Manager, and Gertjan Rossing, Head of Delivery (see picture), they strengthen the market position to be an attractive employer as well as an attractive partner for digital projects.

Ralf Haberich is a professional speaker at international congresses and the author of the German digital intelligence-book "FUTURE DIGITAL BUSINESS". He lives with his family near Frankfurt (Germany), passionately supporting his semi-professional road cycling-team that he founded with his brother more than 5 years ago (haberich cycling crew).

Question: Ralf, thinking about the last years in management, what were your biggest challenges?

Ralf: One thing is certain: a company is nothing without a team, nothing. Therefore one of my clear principles in leadership is: employee before customer. I strongly believe in the power of the team, the magic of the team spirit and the benefit for the customer if the team members are empowered to accept every challenge in a positive way.

Question: Why do customers decide for CRM Partners?

Ralf: It is the clear commitment to a professional – yet human – interaction with the project team at the customer

side. In every pitch we bring a dedicated added value to the table, that is rather unique in our business. But very desired to work with.

Question: You have seen different management style, leading American, Dutch and German companies as a C-Level member. Can you name differences?

Ralf: It would be too generic to follow the stereo-types of these countries and their business-style. But you can say, that German companies work very efficiently and straight. My experience with Dutch companies is a more homogeneous approach and lots of team involvement before decisions are taken, while American companies have the strongest “Can Do” mentality but are very driven by quarterly reporting. This, in a nutshell, enabled me to learn different perspectives and priorities, which I was able to combine in my recent career steps.

Question: What other leadership principles do you have, Ralf?

Ralf: Besides the mentioned “Colleagues first, Customer second” philosophy, I am always communicating changes or challenges to the team. Done in a very transparent way – and therefore appreciated very much by each individual. It is also important to encourage people – this could be done by leading them, following their thoughts, understanding their point of view or simply by listening proactively. You do not lead a team, you empower individuals forming a team.

Question: What else is important?

Ralf: Leading by example is the only way to show the commitment and to give clear directions if needed. And by the way: if it is not measurable, be it targets, customer feedback or employee satisfaction, you can not analyze or improve on it. Improvement in every day-life is the key to a powerful success. IE


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Ralf Haberich
CEO Germany of CRM Partners


Together with CRM Partners AG, Pulse, AXtension, Bonair, ProActive, eCraft, Orango and Endeavor, we are part of Fellowmind. We gather our expertise on internal and external customer processes. With well over 1000 of the most talented and experienced colleagues in the field, we combine Microsoft technology, change management and data for customer experiences that make you loved by your customers. We are one of the first Microsoft partners in Europe to seriously work on an end-to-end solution. In addition to our home market in the Netherlands, we also operate in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Poland.

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