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Ralf Barschow
Owner & CEO Top Snap International

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“Above the Rest”

Armed with decades of experience spanning globally from USA to Europe and Asia, Ralf Barschow, Owner and CEO of Top Snap has become one of the most sought-after leaders in the industry today. His experience and vision of how to operate and grow any business was instrumental to bring Top Snap forward. His open personality, building trust among franchise network partners, suppliers and customers is the foundation of Top Snap’s mission. The company was founded in 2004 with a view to service the real estate market with professional photography, required for professional real estate marketing. “Seeing is not only believing yet engaging potential buyers with a dream property they have in mind,” says Ralf. “Potential buyers are no longer looking at print media as their main source of information.” From a humble beginning, Top Snap has transformed into one of the largest networks of professional photographers and videographers across Australia and New Zealand.

"Top Snap Studio is a proprietary software solution specifically designed for real estate professionals"

With their vast experience, Top Snap visual creatives customize every offering for their customers. “Profiling is the foundation whereby together we define the visual concept and requirements,” adds Ralf. “Every property marketing campaign requires a strategically selected range of professional visual content, to create a corporate look and feel for every individual marketing campaign.” He explains, “ultimately it illustrates the key visual difference between average property presentation versus professional real estate marketing campaign. Today’s potential buyers notice the difference.” Top Snap Studio, developed exclusively for Top Snap clients and hosted on a cloud platform provides secure access and a faster and better user experience to manage products anytime, anywhere,” he adds.

Top Snap Studio is a proprietary software solution specifically invented and designed for their professional network. Top Snap as a leader and innovator in this industry introduced a next-business-day turn-around time as an indusry standard for all visual content. For Ralf, technology and innovation combined with outstanding services is the key to Top Snap ‘s success for over 15 years. As a full-service visual content provider, they are using the latest technology in photography, editing, video services, 360-degree, virtual tours combined with drones to provide the best visual outcome for their customers. “Top Snap is proud to be a Google trusted service provider offering a broader integrative content for Google maps and other applications,” says Ralf.

With over 150,000 processed campaigns Top Snap has a vast record of success stories. In one instance, a property was on the market for 10 weeks with hardly any interest. The agency engaged Top Snap to provide a cost-effective high impact visual content solution on a tight budget. “We combined prestige photography and an interactive floorplan plus a virtual tour as a package. The number of online views sky rocketed and the property sold 2 weeks later above list price,” says Ralf. Top Snap’s operation is on call 365 days per year with an anytime-anywhere philosophy. “This would be impossible without a seamless organization and operational processes. Our dedicated teams of professional photographers/videographers/editors create a visual difference every time.”

Today, Top Snap has successfully expanded and has grown its business in Australia and New Zealand. “We are now looking into the next level of international expansion. To visually stand out from the crowd has never been more important than it is in today’s global economy,” elucidates Ralf. “You have to combine skill with passion and to be your very best every time. No matter what your profession might be. In this highly competitive real-time business environment average will provide you with only average results.”IE


Top Snap International


Ralf Barschow
Owner & CEO Top Snap International


Top Snap is an international franchise group and an accredited Google Trusted Agency which provides property marketing solutions for the real estate industry across Australia and New Zealand for over 14 years. Through our proprietary online platform Genie Pro, we have processed over 1.7 million visuals for over 140,000 property listing campaigns to date and counting.

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