Questica Budget and CaseWare Sync

 Questica Budget and CaseWare Sync

Craig Ross, QUESTICA

Local governments are always looking for ways to streamline their budgeting process. One major challenge they have is efficiently generating a comprehensive budget book that is accurate and current.

We have been working closely with F. H. Black & Company to simplify this process for our customers. We are excited to announce the new Questica – CaseWare data synchronization (Sync) tool. Once configured, this tool allows one click synchronization of your Questica Budget data with CaseWare to:

- Create a backup of the CaseWare file so it can be restored in the event of any issues
- Establish a connection to the Questica web service
- Download and import all budget data and performance measures. This includes but is not limited to: account descriptions, balances, budgets and associated narrative.

The Questica – CaseWare Sync tool makes last-minute changes or other updates to your budget book seamless and simple through its on-demand data refreshing. Now customers can always have a budget book that’s accurate and up-to-date.
For more information on CaseWare and to see the Questica – CaseWare Sync tool in action, F. H. Black & Company is holding free webinars in October, November and December. Click here to see the dates/times and to register today.

About CaseWare and F. H. Black & Company Inc.
CaseWare is a leading provider of tools for finance officers in local government and education organizations around the world. Automating your organization’s most complex reporting tasks delivers increased organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability. F. H. Black & Company Inc. is the sole certified implementation, training and integration professionals for CaseWare’s government solutions in Canada. As well, they are the founding members of Government Reporting Specialists, the sole authorized provider of implementation and training services for CaseWare’s government and education solutions in the United States.

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