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Puja Bhola Rios
Chief Revenue Officer

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Puja Bhola Rios, who believes in specializing in the expansion of current businesses as well as the acquisition of new businesses, is an experienced Executive Revenue Leader of She explains that is a centralized platform that allows your team to collaborate closely from anywhere in the world by facilitating material sharing, feedback tracking, and workflow streamlining. It is a place where media assets and creative conversations can be brought together in an easy-to-use way.

Puja has completed her studies at the State University of New York College at Buffalo. She has a demonstrated track record of running successful firms with a laser-like concentration on achieving their goals. In addition to this, she has a strong interest in empowering the capabilities of organizations and teams, as well as in finding effective solutions to complex business problems. In the same manner, Puja advises aspiring business owners to make plans for both the short and long term and to stick to them. Execute without stopping and pay attention to what your customers have to say.

Puja’s guiding principles for leadership are hope and clarity. As a leader, she is responsible for bringing clarity to her team so that they are aware of how to achieve success in both their current role and the one that will come after it. In addition to providing her people with the hope that comes from knowing they have the ability to excel in everything they do.

For eight years, Puja's ability to command a room and inspire people with varied skillsets to work together efficiently, quickly, and effectively astounded Christine Belmonte, EVP sales enterprise. She is easygoing and uses a good method. She cares about her team and helps them become the best versions of themselves. She gets great results and builds strong relationships with her clients. Puja humbly addresses her teams every Monday in a huddle on what we're working toward, why, and where we're trending. Christine thinks Puja's energy would boost any company.

Puja is her career's best leader and mentor, according to Oscar A. I., Director, LATAM at Intercom, because she helped her grow as a sales leader and person. Any company with Puja as a leader will benefit, and she is a no-nonsense leader who motivates her teams. Her attention to detail, care for her staff, and relentless determination to surpass goals set her apart from other leaders.

Our goal is to make video creation easier for people all over the world. "We in line with our mission to provide our people more freedom," says Puja. In 2021, we more than doubled the number of people working for us, and during that same year, we promoted 54 percent of our existing staff members into new positions.

When it comes to the development of team leaders, Puja places a strong emphasis on aligning everyone on the main metrics that will be used to operate the business and assessing progress on a weekly basis. She gives her leaders the freedom to do their jobs and manage their teams since; after all, she thinks they are brighter than she is. She stresses the importance of gaining an understanding of their strengths and improving on those strengths while working together, particularly focusing on their potential growth areas. She ensures that they have a good time and that she has their back at all times.

With, feedback can be made more detailed and actionable, allowing you to cut down on review cycles and speed up approvals, which requires less mind-reading and more delivering. We use the latest technologies like,, Salesforce, Drift, and Catalyst.

We have found that 80 percent of the Fortune 100 companies use Frame. One can view the findings on video. The work that we do is subject to measurement. According to the 2020 IDC Business Value Report, provides considerable value to businesses by delivering benefits such as a post-production workflow that is 26 percent faster with a quicker post-production process. In Puja's view, people notice less time between reviews when there is better teamwork. is used by many kinds of content creators because it helps them take their work to the next level. We maintain speed; upload time, and technology as stated by Puja.

Adobe dominates digital media and marketing, and its cloud-based media collaboration is global. Adobe is everywhere and changing the world via digital experiences. "The marriage between Adobe and Frame is one that will make it possible for to be used by a greater number of customers and provide us the capacity to expand and scale our company to new heights," asserts Puja. IE



Puja Bhola Rios
Chief Revenue Officer

Description, an Adobe company, is a video review and collaboration platform designed to unify media assets and creative conversations in a user-friendly environment. Headquartered in New York City, was developed by filmmakers, VFX artists, and post-production executives. Together, Adobe and support nearly 1 million media professionals at enterprises including Netflix, Buzzfeed, Turner, Nasa & Vice Media.

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