Philip Giffard  President, Sales & Systems Integration Division of Solotech

Philip Giffard
President, Sales & Systems Integration Division

Philip Giffard  President, Sales & Systems Integration Division of Solotech Certificate

“Both The Show & The Business”

What is common among Taylor Swift, The Rolling Stones, Bruno Mars, The Eagles, Paul McCartney, Amazon, Walmart, Deloitte, Burj Khalifa, D Hotel Las Vegas, and Bridgestone Arena? Solotech.

"Solotech’s vision remains the same to this day: to offer the very best processes, products and people for projects of any scale, anywhere."

Solotech is a world leader in audiovisual and entertainment technology with 12 locations across Canada, the United States and in the United Kingdom. Thanks to second to none expertise, a massive rental inventory, and strategic partnerships with over 300 renowned manufacturers, Solotech is a single source provider for audio, video, lighting, rigging, soft goods, control and collaboration solutions and services.

With over 40 years of experience, Solotech is internationally recognized as an industry leader; unique in the market by offering both live events entertainment technology and services along with AV equipment sales and installations. Whereas most companies specialize in one or two production technologies, Solotech’s expertise covers audio, video, rigging and lighting. “The combination and collaboration of expertise from live events and AV integration is key to our success and provides clients with unmatched advice and custom solutions,” says Philip Giffard, President, Sales and Systems Integration Division of Solotech. “Considering our DNA and reputation in live entertainment (concert touring and corporate events), we are also highly regarded for our audio, video, and lighting installations in live performance venues as well as in corporate, sporting, house of worship and retail environments.” Although Solotech already holds an enviable position in the industry, the company is aiming at significantly increasing their market shares in the Corporate/Business AV segment over the coming years. The company continually builds upon strong existing client relationships, offering a personalized boutique experience, customized solutions, continuous innovative R&D and amazing customer and after-sales services.

Since its creation in 1977 in Montreal, Canada, Solotech has grown exponentially, ever innovating and expanding, from a local audio only supplier to a global leader in audiovisual and entertainment technology solutions and services. “Solotech is constantly looking for new technologies in audio, video, collaboration solutions, and lighting. We are regularly approached by multiple manufacturers to test, advise and innovate on new products,” adds Philip. “We stay on top by leading with new products and getting ahead of market trends as well as participating in various AV/tech tradeshows yearly.” Solotech handles each project on a case-by-case basis, not a one-size-fits-all approach, and builds and designs personalized solutions to suit the unique needs of their clients. “We are renowned for being the best at solving the most complex challenges, whether it is to find an acoustic solution in a theatre or a control solution to master audio, video, collaboration and lighting components in a corporate environment,” concludes Philip.

Solotech believes and invests in R&D and continuous training. Week after week, the ‘Simply Spectacular’ leader conducts technology demos, benchmarks the AV industry and identifies trends, always aware of the latest tools and technologies. Solotech is constantly seeking new verticals where technology is a disruptor: smart cities and e-gaming are just a few examples of potential segments. Their expertise in concert touring keeps them ahead of the curve, as often the most advanced technologies in audio, video and lighting are first used by top-tier artists creating amazing live event experiences. Solotech has always been out front of the industry by prioritizing investment in these coveted entertainment technologies.

As a trusted global leader, they are always focusing on their highly versatile internal expertise and services to support the company’s growth strategy. Through the addition of the best minds in Asset Management, Business Intelligence, Marketing, HR, Finance, etc. they continually develop business practices that truly differentiate Solotech. For example, based on big data, they are now able to predict optimal timing to switch a technology from rental inventory to used equipment sales. Solotech has also introduced new financing options for their clients as well as implemented web and digital components that answer the demands of today’s new generation of customers. Solotech excels at always looking to offer more methods to improve the buying experience.IE




Philip Giffard
President, Sales & Systems Integration Division


Since its creation in 1977, Solotech has grown from a local audio-only supplier to a global leader in audiovisual and entertainment technologies, innovating and expanding more each year.

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