Pascal Delloue Chief Growth Officer Central Midori Int'l Pte Ltd. 10 Best Companies of the Year 2020

Pascal Delloue
Chief Growth Officer Central Midori Int'l Pte Ltd

Pascal Delloue Chief Growth Officer Central Midori Int'l Pte Ltd 10 Best Companies of Year the 2020

“Transforming the Electronics Industry”

The world of electronics has undergone continuous changes since the early days of the Silicon Valley and it is constantly challenged by novel materials, innovative concepts and new manufacturing processes. Electronics Interconnect is traditionally divided into 6 levels. Starting with the gate to gate interconnect on a silicon die (Level 0) followed by the connection of a chip to its package (level1) and the PCB which connects component to component to the external connector (level 2). Then comes the connection between PCB's (level 3) and between sub-assemblies (level 4). The last level is the connection between physical separate systems using for example an Ethernet LAN (level 5).

"We have enjoyed a steady growth by expanding our reach into electronic markets like industrial control, instrumentation, banking and medical. CMI is a subsidiary of Demmel Gruppe with locations in Germany, Switzerland and China."

At the beginning electronics were bulky, fragile, consumed a lot of power, gave off a lot of heat and were expensive to build and assemble. After the invention of the transistor electronics became miniaturized, portable, low power, low voltage and highly reliable. Today, Flexible Printed Electronics has the potential to revolutionize electronics. Flexible Printed Electronics (FPE) is generally referred to as electronic circuits printed with functional inks on thin and flexible substrates that can be bent, rolled or folded without losing functionality. It opens up an extraordinary new range of opportunities including the reduction in size and weight of the end product, the elimination of bulky connections and wiring, the increase in circuit density and also more flexibility in design and packaging, lower production costs, lower energy consumption and more environmentally friendly materials and processes.

Founded in Singapore in 1988 with the transfer of technology from Japan, Central Midori International is recognized throughout South East Asia for its expertise in flexible printed electronics. Their mission is to enable customers to make their products better, cheaper and faster through their core technology expertise, process efficiency and a nimble organization. The company’s main products are membrane switches, graphic overlays, sensors and security foils.

Central Midori provides fast design, high-speed prototyping and testing capabilities to reduce customer development cycle through design, proof of concept prototyping and testing. The company also offers technical expertise in printed electronics to customer designers and R&D engineers to enable and enhance performance in 3 strategic areas: flexibility/elasticity, miniaturization/portability and security. Lastly, the company identifies, evaluates and transfers advanced printed electronic technologies from Europe and North America to Singapore in an effort to contribute to the local business ecosystem.

By going up the value chain and participating in the customer value creation process, Central Midori has experienced a deep transformation in its company’s culture. “We are no longer waiting patiently for the customer to provide all of the requirements and simply comply. We are moving beyond compliance. In Singapore, this is disruptive,” says Pascal Delloue, Chief Growth Officer of Central Midori. “Many companies have chosen to take advantage of our new strategy and partner with Central Midori for the development of innovative Printed Electronic solutions including flexible light guide, thin film antennas, piezoresistive sensors or clear-flexible heating elements. Our engineers are ready to step out of their comfort zone to take on your new challenges.”

The company has created their own "Development Center", a dedicated instrument to win business through value creation. Alongside they have also redesigned their website, invested in sales and marketing and promoted a new culture of "thinking outside the box". The company’s roadmap includes leveraging their core printing technologies to open up new markets and regularly upgrading their manufacturing capabilities after the relocation to their new facility. They are also looking towards focusing on medical technology with the relocation into the first medical Hub in Singapore and the ISO13485 certification. “We aim at being the most transparent, friendly and easy-to-do-business-with company in Southeast Asia and providing a first-class service to our customers. High quality, reliability, and the best possible lead-time are some of our commitments,” says Yeo Liang Choon, General Manager of Central Midori.IE


Central Midori Int'l Pte Ltd


Pascal Delloue
Chief Growth Officer Central Midori Int'l Pte Ltd


Strategically located in the heart of Singapore CMI offers a wide range of Printed Electronic technologies including membrane switch, graphic overlay, security circuit, light guide and force sensing Our capabilities include screenprinting, embossing and turn-key assembly. Our services include design, engineering, manufacturing and testing.

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