Nur Gokman CEO Hitit

Nur Gokman
CEO Hitit

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“Revolutionizing the Airline IT Industry”

From its foundation in 1994, Hitit’s goal has always been to increase the quality and standards of the airline software industry with their services and solutions. The establishment of Hitit was an idea that came from increasing needs of customizable software systems, hence Crane FF, was established. Crane FF became the most widely used loyalty management solution in 2012 chosen by 40 airlines, including industry giants such as Etihad, Thai, Qatar, Turkish Airlines, to name a few. “2019 was our Silver Anniversary and we were celebrating our 25th year with our employees, our partner airlines and strategic partners across four continents,” says Nur Gokman is the co-founder and CEO of Hitit. “Hitit is a great example of how a local company can achieve champion league status, despite competition from huge companies with thousands of employees and support from multi-national consortiums.” In 2020, over 25 years, Hitit has established itself as one of the world’s leading aviation IT solutions providers, reaching across 22 countries.

"One stop shop for Legacy, LCC and Hybrid airlines"

According to Nur, as the airlines are facing tougher market conditions, they are looking at their technology provider to deliver the solutions to create the highest revenue with the minimal cost. Hitit’s innovative software paves the way to improve industry standards not only for PSS solutions but also in operations, accounting and cargo solutions. Their one-stop-shop approach is a unique concept in the aviation technology industry and thanks to their comprehensive and cost-effective solutions, they are expecting to continue their growth in Europe and other continents.

Hitit’s brand “Crane” offers a comprehensive suit that serves flag carriers, low-cost carriers (LCC) and hybrid airlines, as well as ground-handling agencies. Hitit is an industry leader in seamless integration and high-performance implementation. For example, Pakistan International Airlines’s (PIA), one of their partner airlines, digital transformation was completed in an astonishing five months, while another provider would have completed the same migration process in 1.5 – 2 years. Taking into consideration that PIA is a legacy airline, five months really is a huge success. “Currently, we have 30 customers from 22 countries and counting, indeed we prefer to call them as ‘partners’ not ‘customers’. We serve from the "customer-IT provider" equation, we deem ourselves as the players of the same team and together, we always aim for better,” adds Nur. “At Hitit, innovation goes hand-in-hand with personal relationships, and we always emphasize to our partner airlines that we are not only your IT partner, we are your team! This is our primary philosophy and our motto.”

Hitit’s partner ecosystem spans from LCC to legacy carriers, from regional carriers to hybrid carriers. In terms of their different business models, there are differences in the software these airlines request. The number of partners for the company has increased by nearly 50% and Hitit has created an ecosystem which has allowed them to grow together with their partner airlines. For the days to come, Hitit will continue to provide solution-oriented, brilliant, trustworthy and creative services, solutions and offers for all types of airlines. “We plan to carry on being a visionary company ensuring we meet customer expectations in the most innovative and cost-effective way. We want to expand our footsteps into the new regions like Latin America. We’ll continue the developing process of our air cargo solutions,” adds Nur. “ Over this last year we have added custom mobile, internet booking engine, kiosk and website design services to the list, continuing the ‘one-stop-shop’ philosophy of Hitit.” The company’s flexibility in user experience comes not only from the talent we work with, but also from a newly rebuilt middleware that powers our B2C solutions. “This year our new team has already launched 3 bespoke airline mobile apps. With 6 more apps in production coming up in early 2020, our offering is like a living organism which keeps improving and growing,” states Nur.




Nur Gokman
CEO Hitit


Hitit is proud to support our partners in all aspects of their operational needs. We have transformed our relationship with the airlines from "customer-IT provider" to 'partner-partner'. We position ourselves as players of the same team, partners, and together we always aim for better.

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