Nora Duggan, Chief Marketing Officer of Taxback International profile

Nora Duggan
Chief Marketing Officer of Taxback International

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“Creating Lasting Changes ”

Taxback International is an entrepreneurially driven company whose goal is to transform how VAT recovery and compliance is managed globally. Over twenty-five years, they have become the world’s leading VAT technology and services company. Their global client list of more than 12,000 businesses includes almost all the Fortune 500 companies (Google, Tesla, Facebook, Twitter, IBM). Their innovative technology enables the real-time processing of over 10 billion transactions across 180 countries in multiple languages.

During the pandemic, Taxback International transformed its existing business model to meet the digital transformation happening in the industry. “Through detailed market assessment and research, we identified the need for a global compliance technology solution backed by VAT expertise,” states Nora Duggan, CMO. “From this research, we developed Comply, the world’s leading end-to-end VAT compliance platform for global businesses.” This digital platform transforms how a business prepares and files its VAT returns by centralizing control on a single platform. Comply also enables secure-on-time cross-border payments to Tax Offices with ease of reconciliation and zero risks. It provides a clear audit trail and cloud-based analytics on a single secure platform giving total control over VAT obligations. “With our AI and machine-learning algorithm, Comply provides trend analysis and intelligent financial forecasting,” Nora adds.

When Nora first joined Taxback International, the marketing function was primarily focused on event marketing. With the onslaught of the pandemic, it was the perfect opportunity to pivot into digital marketing. This presented many challenges in terms of getting the structure right internally, building skillsets, hiring new talent, and understanding how to get their internal systems working cohesively to measure and report correctly. Moreover, another layer of complexity presented itself when the company pivoted their business model in summer 2020. “As a result, all our messaging needed to change to reflect our new positioning in the world of VAT compliance. Once this was signed off, it was then implemented across all our sales and marketing channels (bearing in mind we communicate in 6 different languages to include 6 different language websites.) This was no easy task – but we did it! We continue to refine our messaging and design as we transition to a fully technology-positioned company.”

"A great leader should have determination to succeed, resilience during tough times, a clear vision, and most importantly, the empathy to look after those you lead."

Nora thinks a key success factor is keeping their brand central to everything they do in marketing. They have built out several leadership programs to build industry awareness and credibility in this sector. The results have been phenomenal and have cemented their unique position in industry. Having worked in many different industry sectors and markets, bringing that experience to the table has benefited TBI as they go through such a digital transformational change.

When asked about Female Leadership within Technology, she explained during her upbringing that her father never defined her or her siblings by gender. He believed whatever you wanted to achieve in life, you could – once you had ambition and worked hard. As a result, she doesn’t think of gender when she considers leadership. “There are many great female and male leaders who have inspired me across history who do have a place in my heart. One unusual leader who influenced me as a young teenager was Dr Diane Fossey.” Nora adds. She was an American primatologist who became a conservation legend for the gorillas in Rwanda. “She was passionate, driven, and unrelenting in her ambition to protect the critically endangered primates and to put an end to poaching. She has inspired many people thought her work and her legacy continues to live on globally. She created real and lasting change, even though it cost her, her life. But what fierce leadership to be greatly admired!”. For Nora leadership qualities include determination to succeed, resilience during the tough times, a clear vision, and most importantly, the empathy to look after those you lead shoulder to shoulder. “In marketing, we have a tight team of specialists with different skills, each person is a critical link in the chain for delivery. Ownership, leadership and passion are all critical – we all feed off that common energy and it is what drives our success.”

Armed with such a unique ideology, Nora took the company’s brand to new heights. She is particularly proud of some extraordinary marketing achievements; particularly the leadership programs rolled out in 2021—Loyalty and Retention program for existing client base – ELEVATE and an inspirational cutting edge narrative on current industry challenges– TBI Expert View—redefining the company. IE


Taxback International


Nora Duggan
Chief Marketing Officer of Taxback International


Taxback International is the world's leading technology and services company which specializes in Value Added Tax (VAT) compliance and VAT reclaim. Our client list is global – working with almost all the fortune 500 companies (Google, Tesla, Facebook, Twitter, IBM). Our technology enables real-time processing of over 10 billion transactions across 180 countries in multiple languages.

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