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Neeti Dewan
Investor & Co-Founder of SYMMR

Neeti Dewan, Investor & Co-Founder of SYMMR Certificate

“The Executive Yogi™”

A world-renowned efficiency, productivity, and wellbeing expert, Neeti Dewan is the Co-founder of SYMMR, a successful white-glove software automation company. As a CPA who holds a master’s in taxation, she also serves as the Global Tax Director at Cynosure, LLC, a leader in energy-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems. A sought out leader for her inclusive leadership skills, global business acumen, and deep financial mastery, Neeti is also a strategic investor and board director in hi-growth startups. Neeti was honored by the National Diversity Council as “The Most Powerful Women in Business” in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

"Neeti’s passion is helping and empowering other women. The proceeds from Neeti’s upcoming book “High Level Leadership, Low Level Stress” will be helping an all-girls school in India develop its technology & innovation lab."

Neeti, known as The Executive Yogi™, is the author of the innovative and revolutionary business book, “From Executive to Yogi in Sixty Seconds.” Her next book is coming out in 1st quarter of 2021 – “High Level Leadership, Low Level Stress - How to win in business without losing your mind.” One executive has hailed her books “as the tool Corporate America has been waiting for to help motivate and retain its best employees.” In contrast, another has said that her books “teach executives how to lead with passion and engagement towards profitability. "

Neeti is an accomplished keynote speaker, tax & finance leader, and a successful entrepreneur who has developed a balanced approach to work, life, and leadership. Informally called the “Chief Motivational Officer” by former colleagues at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Neeti is well-known for her upbeat personality, positive energy, and affirmative leadership style. Neeti was born in Agra, India, the home to the Taj Mahal, and came to the United States as a young teenager. In her life, she has learned to combine the East's inner wisdom with the dynamic genius of the West. Now she shares her simple secrets that anyone can use to excel in business, bring about innovation, and improve business profitability. Neeti points out, “High stress is not necessary to success in business. In fact, it is counterproductive at every level. If we fill every corner of our minds with busy work, we leave no space for innovation, which is the genius of American business.”

Neeti’s passion is helping and empowering other women. Proceeds from Neeti’s upcoming book “High Level Leadership, Low Level Stress” will be helping an all-girls school in India develop its technology & innovation lab. Neeti serves on the Harvard University Women’s Leadership Board. Its members serve as key supporters of the research center of Harvard Kennedy School specializing in gender research, with a focus on creating gender equality and improving lives around the world.

She also serves as leader for 50/50 Women on Boards, an organization focused on achieving gender parity on corporate boards. According to Neeti, corporations are in business to grow, and generate profits, so adding highly qualified diverse directors’ experience gives them a competitive advantage.

Neeti joined Matthew Erwin ( and Eric Marjoram ( in co-founding SYMMR, a SaaS company whose automation tech portfolio includes a product designed to eliminate manual gaps between point-of-sale payments and back-office accounting, tax and ERP.

Sean Kieiwet, CTO at Priority Holdings (; NASDAQ: PRTH), shared that “partnering with SYMMR enabled us to competitively diversify our MX Merchant app store and quickly bring value to our clients in parallel with our internal software initiatives. The SYMMR team is well-respected for their breadth of Fintech experience and has become a preferred vendor due to their software craftsmanship and roll-up-the-sleeves work ethic.” IE




Neeti Dewan
Investor & Co-Founder


Software automation integrations with accounting platforms (QB, Xero, Freshbooks, ERP)

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