Naveen Rajkumar, CEO & President of ISOutsource, 10 Best Security Solution Providers of 2021

Naveen Rajkumar
CEO & President of ISOutsource

Naveen Rajkumar, CEO & President of ISOutsource

“A Full-service Provider of IT Services”

With the uptick of remote work due to the pandemic and an increase in security threats, many small to medium-sized businesses are in a vulnerable spot. Additionally, they face many challenges surrounding data security and compliance. ISOutsource is in a great position to help its clients in all these areas. “We combine our own products with strategic partnerships to offer a full suite of solutions that take care of their cybersecurity needs,” says President and CEO Naveen Rajkumar. “We continue to invest in new cybersecurity products and solutions. Our experience working with over 600 active clients has put us in a unique position to anticipate their needs. Our focus and investment into innovation puts us in a position to be proactive and come up with relevant solutions for our clients.”

ISOutsource was founded in 1992 and focused on hardware for architecture and engineering firms in the Pacific Northwest (back when CAD workstations were not easy to come by). It was a natural progression of finding excellent talent and then branching out to other industries like biotech, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, law, finance, etc. Over the years, the company evolved into a full-service provider of IT services for small and mid-sized businesses in various industries. “Our organization is aligned around the needs of our clients - Help Desk, Engineering, Consulting, Account Management, Strategic Solutions, and Technology Solutions” adds Rajkumar.

"ISOutsource’s mission is to strengthen their communities one business at a time by providing innovative and strategic technology solutions"

Proactive and trusted support is what ISOutsource is known for. While most other IT services companies get called to fix something broken, ISOutsource strives to prevent the breakdown from happening in the first place. If something does break, Rajkumar and his team have mechanisms to detect and repair it before the impact becomes widespread. “We strive to structure our service offerings and pricing models based on what our clients need from us. Even with our ‘no-contract’ model, our clients stay with us for an average of 5 years and give us a Net Promoter Score of over 71,” he says. “This demonstrates our ability to take care of our clients’ needs in a way that is relevant to them. We strive to anticipate the future needs of our clients and proactively come up with solutions and offerings that will help their business grow as well as have the right security defenses.”

ISOutsource works with clients to help them identify high impact security gaps in their organization. Internal IT teams often assume that automatic updates and scheduled reboots work 100% the way they are supposed to and fail to realize when a patch is not fully applied or if a reboot was not effective. These scenarios could leave the organization open to vulnerabilities. By leveraging vulnerability scanning, ISOutsource can identify such issues and validate patching effectiveness quickly. We minimize the review work required by scheduling vulnerability scans immediately after patching. This eliminates reporting of unpatched vulnerabilities and greatly simplifies the process for our clients. This is a very basic example of how ‘Prevention’ and ‘Early Detection’ can help defend against security threats.

ISOutsource’s Virtual CIO (vCIO) and Virtual CISO (vCISO) consulting has led them to be Trusted Advisors, offering clients top-level technology consulting for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a CIO. Their vCIOs and vCISOs know the client’s business and make recommendations like they were their own. “Each client environment is unique, and their needs are widespread. We customize our solutions for every need.” says Rajkumar. “We do a deep-dive assessment and offer customized solutions. We provide advisory/strategic sessions to help with technology planning and follow through with implementing the right solutions and providing the right services to help adhere to the plan.”

ISOutsource’s mission is to strengthen their communities one business at a time by providing innovative and strategic technology solutions. “We have growth plans in place through 2025 which focus mostly on client care, innovation, and expanding our product and service offerings,” adds Rajkumar. IE




Naveen Rajkumar
CEO & President of ISOutsource


ISOutsource is a one-stop flexible end-to-end IS consulting and support solutions provider. Our mission is to provide outsourced technology support and technology consulting services that leave you feeling happy, productive and supported. As one of our valued clients, you will experience highest standards of professionalism and customer service.

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