Miranda Collard, Global Chief Client Officer of Teleperformance profile

Miranda Collard
Global Chief Client Officer of Teleperformance

Miranda Collard, Global Chief Client Officer of Teleperformance Certificate

“Impacting with Positivity”

When Miranda Collard, CCO of Teleperformance, was asked who her mentor and inspiration is, replied by saying, “We are all surrounded every single day by incredible examples, champions, and readily-available resources to help us learn and grow along the way,” she says. “None of these are beneficial if you're not putting yourself first. So, start by becoming your own champion and taking the time to invest in yourself!” For Miranda, self-respect, love and empowerment are the most important qualities for succeeding in today’s world, and have helped mold her into the confident and accomplished leader she is .

"Miranda an amazing leader is her unparalleled passion for people, coupled with a relatability that makes people want to be led by her."

What has always made Miranda an amazing leader is her unparalleled passion for people, and a relatability that makes people want to be led by her. As the founder and Chair of TP Women, that passion has fueled her work around diversity, inclusion, and empowerment that has now impacted the lives of so many. For those who have worked with her, Miranda is a one of kind, very motivating and inspirational leader who leaves a lasting impression and has positive impact on those around her.

Founder and CEO, Daniel Julien, started Teleperformance over 40 years ago in a small office in Paris with just two people and ten phone lines. Though she wasn’t there at the inception, Miranda joined Teleperformance 26 years ago and became a key contributor to the company’s success and evolution into one of the world’s largest, most diverse and inclusive companies with over 330,000 employees spanning 80 countries and supporting over 265 languages and dialects. Serving people is at the heart of Teleperformance’s business model. Though advances like automation, analytics, and digital channels contribute to delivering seamless customer experiences, technology needs to be balanced with human engagement and empathy – especially during what the world is currently facing in this global pandemic.

According to Miranda, combining simplicity with human empathy can provide a win-win for both TP clients and their customers. “When we make it fast and easy for customers to get the answers or personalized assistance they need, it can actually become an opportunity to strengthen customer satisfaction,” she explains. “People will always have questions and need to engage with the brands they choose, via the channels they already use – and positive customer experiences drive greater brand loyalty and, with it, additional or repeat sales.” She adds, this is where customer support can provide cost-effective business impact that helps it transform from a cost center into a revenue center.

Referencing a few case studies, Miranda mentioned how Grubhub had experienced great success piloting work-at-home before COVID-19, and then rapidly moving their full workforce to a remote environment within just two weeks. They found that, even during strained and stressful times, they were able to strengthen relationships with their customers despite working remotely. As a result of these KPI improvements, Grubhub is excited to continue with a remote model.

Similarly, Samsung in Europe also likes to focus on constant innovation, including the introduction of Sam the chat bot to support live agents and provide around-the-clock customer support when their human counterparts aren’t available.

In addition, Wish, a leading online marketplace based in the US, was among the first to pilot Teleperformance’s revolutionary Cloud Campus model for managing and optimizing remote teams. They implemented the solution prior to the pandemic, allowing them to quickly move 80% of their workforce to work-at-home in under 24 hours.

Already a diverse company with a vast, global presence, Teleperformance’s biggest business expansion opportunity is really through their Cloud Campus work-at-home model. Employees can literally live anywhere, without requiring a local site or facility. Instead, they remain connected to supervisors and support teams (like IT and HR) through one of Teleperformance’s centralized Cloud Campus Hubs. So, it allows Teleperformance to hire in any country around the world, support more languages, attract more talented candidates, and employ those with disabilities or mobility restrictions, allowing Teleperformance to continue evolving as a leader in diversity and inclusion – priorities near and dear to Chief Client Officer, Miranda Collard. IE




Miranda Collard
Global Chief Client Officer


Teleperformance connects the biggest and most respected brands on the planet with their customers by providing customer care, technical support, customer acquisition, digital solutions, analytics, back-office and other specialized services to ensure consistently positive customer interactions.

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