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Miles Kohan
President & CEO of Milestone Group of Companies

Miles Kohan, President & CEO of Milestone Group of Companies, Certificate

Implementing Value-Driven Approach”

As someone who has worked his way up through the industry from the beginning as a sales assistant and area manager, sales and marketing manager, general manager, vice president, and then ultimately owner and CEO, Miles Kohan has proven to be a devout student of the building industry. He’s always strived to match his industry knowledge with a relevant academic background. Even as he worked his way through these ranks, he pursued a master’s in business administration and then an ICD designation for governance and oversight. He is known for setting the tone in an organization and doing whatever it takes to accomplish tasks. One of Miles’ biggest prides is his passion for traveling, and he has garnered many relationships in the industry that have become lifelong friends with whom he has travelled the world.

Miles feels fortunate to have had two key role models over his career, one industry stalwart, and one overall mentor. Those role models are: Anthony Robbins, who Miles personally worked with in the late 80s and early 90s, and from the building industry, Jay Westman. “Working with Tony was a time where I really became open to possibilities, and to taking charge of the direction of my life. At that time I became addicted to setting large audacious goals, but also ones that were in alignment with what I wanted to do with my life,” he says. “For me that’s a great gift; to have purpose, drive, and self alignment. My other mentor was an industry pioneer. Jay Westman, is well known for his absolute drive to make things happen, his pure passion for the industry, and his company was an excellent place to be a sponge, and soak up as much of the industry as possible.”

Even though Milestone Group of Companies is a mid-volume builder in the marketplace, they have utilized technology to mimic and compete against the largest production builders. “Since we have undertaken a M&A strategy, we have been forced to integrate most of our platforms. In the last 12 months we have implemented new design software, production scheduling, accounting, and warranty software,” says Miles. “That, along with a switchover in our servers, has meant that there’s not a single system that we are using today that is the same as 18 months ago.”

"Milestone Group of Companies is a mid-volume builder in the marketplace, we have utilized technology to mimic and compete against the largest production builders."

Since its inception, the company has emphasized doing business with locally supplied products as much as possible. “For me, if I know the owner of a manufacturer, there’s a level of comfort that exists that I can pick up the phone and discuss an issue,” explains Miles. “We strive to not be a low-cost producer, but to focus on the most commonly selected upgrades that homebuyers make, and to include them in our standard offering.” This lets the company buy in bulk for items that are typically at a premium. They pass that value on to the consumer and the result is a beautifully designed, well-appointed home, and one that, should they choose to sell, garners an excellent resale value.

“Our key advantage, however, remains the fact that we merged two corporate cultures. One recognized for the best customer service in the industry, and the other for award-winning designs. That combined with our value-driven approach places our products as award-winning, and in 2020 Milestone Builder Group was recognized as the Local, Provincial, and National “Builder of The Year,” says Miles.

Miles is a key believer that to succeed in an individual career, one must be equally committed to supporting and volunteering for their niche industry. “Over the years I’ve sat on Board of Directors of our industry associations in my city, as well as the provincial, and national Homebuilder Associations. I was the chair of the New Home Warranty Insurance Canada Corporation (NHWIC) program, and for the Professional Homebuilders Institute. Although those efforts do require some time, it’s my strong opinion that you always get back more than you give; whether it be in relationships, knowledge, or growth opportunities that in turn serve you in your own business.” IE


Milestone Group of Companies


Miles Kohan
President & CEO of Milestone Group of Companies


Milestone Group of Companies added its second award winning Edmonton Home Builder. Our group now consists of 11 Time Customer Service Award Winner, Park Royal Homes, as well as the 2019 Edmonton Region and 2019 Provincial Builder of the Year, Marcson Homes! We are humbled by our most recent recognition under Milestone Builder Group as the 2020 Canadian Home Builders Association Edmonton Region Builder of the Year.

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