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Michael S Osborne
President and CEO of Nukote Coating Systems

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“Creating Revolutionary Solutions”

Michael S Osborne, President, and CEO of Nukote Coating, leads through example, works directly with all managers to ensure that the company’s goals and objectives are being met. Comments and guides while allowing managers to make their own decisions. Supports sound decision-making, rewarding exemplary efforts given. Armed with these ideologies, Michael has been leading the company to new heights.

Nukote Coating was initiated as a US company based in Asia in the late 90s. Although they were US-based, their initial focus was on the regional development of Asia, Asean, Indian and Australian markets, moving towards the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, and Eastern European markets. For the first 20 years, the company’s primary focus was on offshore markets and only then entered the US markets under our brand.

“This focus on emerging markets made us drill down on training, product and project related quality assurance, and close relationships with the companies that use our products, making them part of the development of our business and at the same time instilling extremely high levels of engineering and technical support into everything that we do,” says the steadfast leader.

"Nukote Coating Systems International (NCSI) was formed to become the first truly global entity to manufacture and promote global coating solutions based on advanced polymer technologies."

As a coating manufacturer Nukote Coating focuses on product development, which is the same for all their qualified competitors. Where they differentiate is what follows that. The competitors typically market good products to large volume target markets with low complexity and sell on price. Once the product has shipped, they essentially are done. “We focus on medium to large volume target markets with high complexity and sell on product performance not price. We are involved from before the product ships (specification, engineering, equipment systems development and quality assurance programs) to the products application from beginning to end including warranties for the total project.”

Nukote Coating specifies each project individually, and they vary greatly. “We provide structural engineering, chemical engineering, material science, robotic application systems and project management services to our clients and we do this all internally,” says Michael. “We engineer the designed system to specific design life parameters. We have our own quality assurance and inspection and testing app that is utilized during the project application to ensure perfect installation performance.”

Since the company is involved in all facets of the project, there is a significant reduction in error potential and thus a significant risk reduction. The price of a product is only part of the cost to the client. The actual cost to the client includes the product, its installation costs, and its design life to replacement. “We thus reduce the total cost to the client through delivering optimal performance for the longest period possible which translates to lower costs.”

Discussing an instance, Michael says essentially waterway bridges engineered 70 years ago to carry truckloads a fraction of what they are today, which are failing and compressing. If not addressed, the highway eventually buckles, resulting in highway closures and high replacement costs. “We renovate these culverts using a structural, robotically spray applied elastomeric product, quickly and efficiently. The result is a new culvert, made entirely of our product, that is carrying the highway at current loads with zero traffic interruption and lower costs. This same product is used in failing sewer pipe, drinking water pipe, storm water pipe and even nuclear power generation pipe.”

Nukote Coating has many new products currently developed and now in third-party testing and field trials that will continue to extend their design life offerings in existing markets for the days to come. Many of these new products are composites of existing technologies combined with Nanotechnologies. “I personally believe that over the next 1-2 decades the coating industry will be completely transformed through elimination of many current chemistry platforms,” explains Michael. “Imagine if you can a single coating (or paint if you will) that is not hazardous, contains no solvents or other dangerous chemistries, which can be modified with minute nano additives to resist sunlight, abrasion, erosion, chemical contact, or to be structural or conductive or any range of properties desired. This is what we see as the future of the coatings industry.” IE


Nukote Coating Systems


Michael S Osborne
President and CEO of Nukote Coating Systems


NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL provides complete solutions to meet our clients’ industrial and municipal coating and lining requirements. Our offering includes; custom tailored product specification, application method statements, quality assurance programs and correct equipment system specification including robotic systems. A complete solution from a single source.

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