Melissa Acton-Buzard, Chief Executive Officer of Chameleon Technologies, Inc.

Melissa Acton-Buzard
Chief Executive Officer of Chameleon Technologies, Inc.

Melissa Acton-Buzard, Chief Executive Officer of Chameleon Technologies, Inc., Certificate


Driven by innovation, a passion for growth, and excitement for new technology, Chameleon Technologies Inc. has become a one-stop shop for recruiting firms looking for staffing as well as data and reporting services. The team is attuned to the dynamic changes of the technology industry and just as the chameleon assimilates to its environment by changing colors, Chameleon Technologies adapts to the ever-changing needs of our clients and the marketplace.

CEO and Founder, Melissa Acton-Buzard, has worked in the staffing industry ever since graduating from the University of Washington with a political science degree in 1995. She planned to go to law school but decided to call a time-out from school and get a job for a year. A friend working at one of the nation’s leading staffing companies suggested Melissa apply there.

Hired as the vendor coordinator for a large contract the company landed with Microsoft, Melissa quickly fell in love with the fast pace and personal relationships of the staffing business. Goodbye law school, hello totally serendipitous career. After stints at several other staffing and consulting firms, Melissa started Chameleon Technologies in 2000. With invaluable first-hand experience, she was clear about the services and practices she wanted to offer as well as what she would do differently with her own firm. With a focus on diversity and inclusion as a woman-owned business, Chameleon Technologies set out to emphasize the importance of diversity in the workplace with an unparalleled focus on outstanding customer service.

Melissa explains that Chameleon’s business strategy is simple: Give a lot to get a lot. Most technical recruiting environments focus on volume. Chameleon exceeds its competition by providing a very personal, hands-on, high-quality service - quality as opposed to quantity. The benefit to their clients and their employees is job satisfaction and a very low turnover rate. It’s those personalized relationships that will continue to be the catalyst for their growth.

Melissa recently opened a data analytics and BI project division, which exclusively focuses on data management and data analytics. Chameleon BI’s unique approach to data analytics produces superior results for our clients. Chameleon’s customers have chosen us over other larger firms to lead their data projects because the employees are nimble, move quickly, and are highly specialized. Chameleon provides strategic data insights with a competitive strategy for world-class business management.

"We offer a variety of technical staffing solutions for growing companies in the Pacific Northwest, from contract staffing to permanent placement, to project based solutions and managed services.”

Business leaders are expected to find value from data, but oftentimes it becomes an unbearable process to get the data insights that they truly need in order to make the right decision for their business, which is where Chameleon BI comes in. We design solutions that best meet your specific needs by providing quick insights into your data.

Chameleon Technologies employs the highest standard of customer service and satisfaction in everything we do. The Chameleon team values include maintaining the highest standard of business conduct; creating positive outcomes for candidates and clients; providing value in a timely, resourceful, and professional manner; demonstrating a commitment to quality, honesty, and integrity in everything they do; welcoming change as it contributes to our continual growth, and recognizing and sharing credit for successes.

Chameleon has a seasoned team of industry experts and for almost 20 years, they have been fine-tuning how they do things so that people can benefit from their deep knowledge and experience. Chameleon leverages their experience and skills to get the right results and have earned a reputation for fast and responsive service. We also have a highly diverse and experienced team of employees to meet our client’s changing needs.

It’s important to Chameleon that we approach all aspects of our business in an ethical way. The team welcomes feedback and wants their customers to feel able to talk to them. If something isn’t working, Chameleon wants to know about it so they can get it right. With capabilities to support both staffing and project needs, Chameleon is able to offer true one-stop-shop support. This avoids the need to use multiple service providers, minimizing turnaround times and costs, which is Chameleon’s biggest achievement thus far in both our staffing and data division.

Chameleon advises future leaders who aim to make it big in the market to create something that is needed, desired, and to make sure that the right people know about your offerings and products. Getting your product or services in front of the right audience is essential because only then can your customers really benefit from what you have to offer. Know early on that marketing is as important as sales and future leaders need to invest in it as much as they have already invested in creating their services.

Ultimately, Chameleon’s aim and goal are to help their customers, clients, and candidates achieve their needs and requirements. Chameleon aims to create, customize, and personalize the experience for our customers in every aspect of the various business processes we partake in because we know how important each step is and we want to lend a hand in each step. IE


Chameleon Technologies, Inc.


Melissa Acton-Buzard
Chameleon Technologies, Inc.


Chameleon Technologies is a technical staffing and professional services firm that expertly matches qualified candidates to open positions at well-known companies in the Pacific Northwest. Chameleon is recognized for the quality of candidates and positions we procure, our reputation as one of the area’s top staffing firms, and our firm’s resourcefulness in strategically blending top companies and top talent since 2000.

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