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Maurice D. Evans
Chief Executive Officer
Elite School Management

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“Professionally executed work is more likely to succeed”

Maurice D. Evans, entrepreneur, and philanthropist is the CEO of Elite School Management. With over 35 years of experience, he has become one of the most prominent CEO’s in Michigan. A wealth of knowledge coupled with discernment and ingenuity has been the foundation of his success. Maurice’s vision, creativity, and savvy business expertise have evolved into an impressive corporate portfolio that includes, Elite School Management, Elite Educators Insurance, Elite School Staffing, Elite School Staffing and Consulting, Elite PPE & Janitorial Services, Elite Training Institute, and a District of three schools in Detroit, Oak Park, and Redford. Elite School management and their subsidiary companies are responsible for hiring and providing skills trade programs to hundreds of Michiganders.

The catalyst for Elite School Management’s inception was Evans’s role as a founding board member and former President of Detroit Service Learning Academy. As the school's board chair and former President, Maurice supervised a board of directors who flourished in the challenges of school board bureaucracy. From the Academy’s inception, Maurice’s leadership resulted in DSLA becoming one of the largest public school academies on Detroit’s west side and the Michigan Department of Education’s first School of Excellence.

Maurice contributes his success as a CEO to the development of his core operations team which he manages with compassion, fairness, and firm governance. His pragmatic leadership style and high expectations push his team to develop both their strengths and weaknesses. He leads by example conducting weekly team meetings that serve as mentoring and coaching opportunities for listening and constructive feedback. These meetings allow team members to safely address challenges, ask questions, and create teachable moments as they learn skills that promote proficiency and growth. The meetings also foster trust and empower employees to make tough decisions. “Build cohesive, collaborative relationships, promote a culture of trust and empowerment, have high expectations and you will be surprised at what the team can accomplish”, says Evans.

Elite companies also believe in caring for their customers and the people whom they employ. Through community partnerships and wrap-around services, some Elite Corp contributions include; generous donations to urban scholarship funds, financial support for families who suffered unexpected loss, gas cards to parents who struggle with transportation, community food initiatives, and free dental care for students. Maurice’s companies have become a beacon of hope and support for the community.


Evans’s passion to serve is further evident through his company initiatives that support, professional development, student success, ethics, creativity, and a healthy, safe work environment. “The most prolific factors that separate us from our competitors are: our investment in employees to become highly qualified through certification and skilled trade programs; incentive programs; 401K match; and free counseling services for employees suffering from stress, grief, or mental and emotional challenges,” says Evans.

The corporate tycoon understands that keeping up with technological trends is also important to the longevity of his companies. The use of one-to-one technology; webcams, projectors, remote access, e-sports, offsite data centers, digital media centers; Google Classrooms; multiple video conference applications, and eventually the use of 3d printers in the school district will keep his companies on the cutting edge of advancement for years to come.

Evans's mastery in business is rivaled only by his passion to serve, included in his corporate model is the desire to create jobs and opportunities that benefit the community. Through certification programs that train unskilled workers, to janitorial services that maintain human capital, and schools that teach youngsters to be effective leaders, Elite School Management promotes building communities.

Maurice D. Evans, industrialist, lifelong learner, role model, and family patriarch strives for continued growth in both his professional and personal endeavors. He is currently working on a Business Certification from Harvard University and continues to blaze a trail.

Maurice’s favorite quote "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." By Colin Powell.


Elite School Management


Maurice D. Evans
Chief Executive Officer
Elite School Management


Elite School Management provides a comprehensive package of management services. These services are designed to provide a framework for best practices, academic accountability, achievement and school operations for educational institutions looking to obtain longevity through stellar services. Whether you are a small start-up school or a large charter, ESM can provide a level of service that best fits the needs of your school, and your budget.

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