Matt Lepkowski, Founder of Business Automation Experts

Matt Lepkowski
Founder of Business Automation Experts

Matt Lepkowski, Founder of Business Automation Experts Certificate

“Enhance the Operational Efficiency for Organizations”

Healthcare organizations accumulate and pile vast amounts of personal information, making them a major target for cybercriminals. Business Automation Experts (BAE) empowers and educates their clients to assist them in doing their job effectively, which further builds on the trust required to reach goals. The Cybersecurity advisory services and compliance automation help healthcare leaders return their focus to patients and advance medical knowledge.

BAE was founded by Matt Lepkowski, armed with over 20 years of experience in delivering value to organizations by creating new avenues of revenue generation through technology's strategic use. He has ensured BAE has collaborated with Laserfiche, Seceon, Microsoft, and Intel Corporation to take advantage of the solutions developed by them that are well-designed and engineered for the present age. BAE began as an organization to support the transition of smaller organizations to mid-sized organizations.

"Business Automation Experts (BAE) empowers and educates their clients to assist them in doing their job effectively, which further builds on the trust required to reach goals."

“Too often technology and off the shelf tools create limits for the growth prospects for a company. A company may outgrow their accounting system and need help taking the next step,” says Matt. “The growth of cloud offerings has provided more off the shelf tools but increased the vendor lock in costs so unlocking options for efficient growth for clients has become more challenging.” Simply put, Business Automation Experts leverages technology to automate many aspects of an organization. The results of service, network, and software implementation increase speed and volume, minimize downtime and reduce data inefficiencies and errors.

According to Matt, their strategic approach is to measure success based on their ability to help an organization implement fundamental change in delivering daily operations. There are many point solutions for network monitoring, support, and security; BAE focuses on more integrated options priced fairly to deliver value for a client. “For instance, many network monitoring systems will price based upon the volume of data that flows through the network. In healthcare the growth rate of data volume is over 40% per year and a price increase at that rate is unsustainable,” explains Matt. “Hence, we look at options which count end points and differentiate pricing based upon the risk of a system like the amount of protected health information (PHI).”

BAE believes when an organization increases operational efficiencies, they increase profitability and are better able to deliver on their mission. “We focus on helping tasks get done more quickly, eliminating system debt and tailoring systems that are a key to growth, as well as enhancing visibility into data so no opportunities go unseen,” adds Matt. “We free your resources for other important tasks.”

For instance, Pieper Payroll, a full-service payroll company in New Jersey, has confidential data that cybercriminals are always lurking for, causing them to be extra cautious when securing their network. BAE provided multiple layers of security to protect data both internally and externally. This even included a disaster recovery plan that was generated immediately. They quickly reaped the benefits of having trusted protection and processes for all employees and customers of Pieper Payroll, compliance with relevant privacy laws, and a business continuity plan. Thanks to this solution, they grew their client base to over 250 businesses across multiple states.

Being an entrepreneur, Matt understands the business issues faced by clients and observes the transformation happening due to disruptive technologies. According to Matt, as healthcare moves from a fee-for-service model to value-based purchasing, the pressure to improve operations will heighten. With the pandemic and digital transformation, these challenges are at full speed. The healthcare industry's positive developments will become possible with the help of patient monitoring, advanced algorithms, and innovative systems to manage healthcare data. BAE’s goal is to continue to help organizations leverage innovative solutions that will improve outcomes for our client firms. “We will continue to expand within the tri-state area and assist medical practices, hospitals, pharmaceutical, and other clients which feel that the existing technology is holding back their prospects to grow and delight customers,” says the steadfast leader. IE


Business Automation Experts


Matt Lepkowski
Founder of Business Automation Experts


Business Automation Experts is a consulting firm focused on the strategic use of technology to enhance the operational efficiency of your firm. Additionally, we help your firm leverage robust technologies to add new revenue streams. If you operate a small to medium sized business in the New Jersey/New York area we would welcome the chance to evaluate whether technology is adding value to your firm.

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