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Lisa Brown
President & CEO of Dark Horse Technologies

Lisa Brown, President & CEO of Dark Horse Technologies, Certificate

“A Trusted Technical Resource & Business Partner”

Lisa Brown’s extensive background in cybersecurity products and services has given her a keen sense to understand the market and what it takes to succeed. The President and CEO ofDark Horse Technologies, Lisa is driven, bold and forward-thinking. She is always looking forward and is not afraid to take chances when it comes to the company's growth and transformation. Lisa is also a champion of a positive company culture that nurtures creativity, innovation, teamwork, and recognition of individual and team success.

Dark Horse Technologies was born out of a desire to provide Government and Commercial customers with mission-focused support around the Company’s cybersecurity and digital transformation realms' core capabilities. “We also wanted to create a services company in our space with a culture that places a high value on our people, modeled after an earlier business we grew and sold. The success of customer mission and employee satisfaction are the compasses by which we lead the company,” says Lisa.

"Dark Horse Technologies applies subject matter expertise to deliver and support cybersecurity solutions and applications to our customers in several unique areas."

Dark Horse Technologies focuses on a couple of unique cybersecurity areas: insider threats and secure information sharing. “Our founders bring extensive experience in both areas, not only from a professional services perspective but also from a product development standpoint,” she explains. “Our approach combines knowledge of current products in the market along with development of solutions that add additional value and security to environments where these cybersecurity products are deployed.”

One of Lisa and her executive team's main responsibilities is to continually monitor the market for the latest trends in both cybersecurity and digital transformation. They consider new product offerings and what skills and knowledge the team will need to support the customers. “Recent examples of this have included supporting members of our organization in obtaining advanced AWS certifications and obtaining a deeper background in digital transformation platforms,” she adds. Dark Horse Technologies is currently supporting customers in cloud migration, cyber security-based analytics, and digital transformation platforms such as Salesforce and ServiceNow.

It is pertinent to mention that Dark Horse Technologies primarily works with Federal Government customers in cybersecurity and digital transformation. On the cybersecurity side, they support customers within the Department of Defense who have specific needs to securely share data supporting their missions. Their team is transforming dated data sharing technology to the latest, most secure solutions. “In the area of digital transformation, we are currently assisting a Department of Defense customer in their modernization of their Talent Management Systems from legacy applications to modern cloud-based solutions. Once complete, the benefit of this digital transformation will be an increased and enhanced engagement with this customer’s workforce from hire to retire,” explains Lisa.

According to Lisa, the company's biggest achievement is having satisfied customers who would recommend them to other organizations. “We believe that our laser focus on customer mission success and employee engagement make that possible. These tenants are supported by four key beliefs: we insist on high standards, pursue excellence relentlessly, deliver what we promised, and always maintain open and frequent transparent communications.”

The steadfast leader strongly advises future leaders to build a strong team and work collaboratively to grow the business. “Business growth blossoms with a team effort that values everyone’s experience and perspective, along with focus. Someone once told me that the hardest thing to do in growing a business is “deciding what not to do,” hence understand your organization’s strengths and capabilities and build around those,” she says. “I would highlight the importance of leaders setting the tone and culture for an organization and the commitment you should have to doing that as a leader. From my experience, a lack of focus on tone and culture can be the difference between success and failure or poor performance of a business.”

For the days to come, Dark Horse Technologies will continue working on developing new analysis tools that will enable remote monitoring, administration, and configuration of security devices used by many of their customers. These tools will not only provide efficiencies for organizations but also enhanced security. IE


Dark Horse Technologies


Lisa Brown
President & CEO of Dark Horse Technologies


Dark Horse Technologies, LLC is a woman-owned small business specializing in strategic consulting, software and systems engineering services to the Federal government and commercial technology markets. Our business philosophy is based on a commitment to technical excellence and a passion for customer mission success.

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