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Leonardo Gannio
Founder & CEO of MAGIIS

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“Proven &, Scalable, Digital Platform for People Mobility Companies”

For Leonardo Gannio, Founder & CEO of MAGIIS, the Spinetto Market in Buenos Aires, Argentina, while visiting his grandmother, taught him how it was a platform where different businesses coexisted. "As I grew up, I decided to study industrial engineering. I want to understand the nature of the forces that help us to make it happen," he says. "A sustainable business is not just the idea; it is the process of different things and ecosystems that we need to bring them together. And this involves knowledge from mathematics to social sciences."

Gannio has held leadership positions for the Latin-American region in multiple multinational corporations such as NCR, Peoplesoft, Informix Software, and Ingram Micro. "This expertise with software and hardware companies leads me to understand business as an ecosystem," says Gannio. "That allowed me to create AKTIO that was the first Value Added Technology Distributor in Latin America. AKTIO was not only a distributor; I wanted it to become a platform that adds value between IT Partners and leading vendors such as IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft." The company witnessed tremendous growth and was acquired, leading to Gannio come to the USA as the Executive Director of Ingram Micro. After almost a three decades journey in the IT Industry where he met Bob.

“The future of mobility will be Electric, Autonomous, Connected and Personalized. Our vision is to be the Net-of-Networks in this future, enabling the connection and personalization in the people mobility industry.”

"In the summer of 2017, I was at a barbecue with my friend Bob. He is the owner of one of the largest car service companies in the northern region of Buenos Aires. At the time, Bob was running a fleet of about 100 cars which he managed with radio communication technology.

Bob told me that he was about to make a significant investment in a new antenna so that he could extend his coverage range," says Gannio. He was ready to take his business to the next level, from a regional company to a national one. "At that moment, I thought, "he's making a mistake. Bob's about to make a losing investment in old technology." For sure, this was not the right strategy to compete with the Ride-Hailing Platforms of the world. But when I shared with him my point of view, I realized he had no other alternative." What started as a barbecue conversation has grown from an idea into a proven and scalable digital platform.

Each time you ask for a Raid-Haile, you are impoverishing the American middle class working under the so-called Gig Economy.

On the other hand, when you ask for a ride from a professional people mobility company, you contribute to generating real jobs and positively impacting your community.

The MAGIIS Platform is the alternative, and it's about digital transformation.

MAGIIS is a White Label Platform that empowers mobility companies' secure and sustainable growth. They need the technology as a white box. "We are not the brand, we are just the instrument to help you compose your music, which is our differentiation," he says. "Our white label collaborative platform concept scales up. It can cover end-to-end people's mobility market needs."

MAGIIS Platform includes additional modules and features such as the affiliate program and the advertisement modules. "We realized that the people mobility companies need to collaborate to compete and win market share, sometimes in diverse areas, adding new service capabilities securely and sustainably, to increase each trip's monetization," he says.

For MAGIIS, the plans include gamification techniques like millage programs, social network functionalities, and new features that People Mobility Companies demand. "And now, we have achieved operational impact from our innovative Omnichannel User Experience vision," says Gannio. "I hope we will continue this process, and MAGIIS could leverage more things in the future with our planned launch in the US." IE




Leonardo Gannio
Founder & CEO of MAGIIS


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