Kristin Deyle, President & Founder of Unity Wellness Group, 10 Best Entrepreneurs of Year 2020

Kristin Deyle
President & Founder of Unity Wellness Group

Kristin Deyle, President & Founder of Unity Wellness Group, 10 Best Entrepreneurs of Year 2020

“Curbing Stress One Company at a Time”

For Kristin Deyle, President & Founder of Unity Wellness Group in order to become a successful entrepreneur one needs a combination of passion and perseverance that work orders of magnitude together. “Believing in and being passionate about your venture and the product and service you offer is key to achieving success,” says Kristin. “But you also have to be driven to bring your vision to market – stay positive – work hard – and persevere. In other words, you can’t be a quitter when unanticipated bumps occur. Instead, you need to adjust and press on.” Being a compassionate person by nature, Kristin cares about people, and has been deemed as a problem solver. “Building a wellness business fit my care model in helping people and filling a gap I was seeing in the marketplace.”

"Building a wellness business fit my care model in helping people and filling a gap I was seeing in the marketplace."

Kristin has always had a tendency to envision outcomes, and used to do this to stay motivated but have realized these visions are very important to achieving anything. “While having a vision is important, excellent execution is equally important,” she adds. “It was during one such envisioning outcomes that led to the incorporation of Unity Wellness Group. The company was developed specifically to address the stress I saw in the workplace throughout my career.” But it was much bigger than that—it was part of a solution to proactively address the healthcare epidemic that was happening in 2008 and still is—the healthcare system treats the sick rather than focusing on maintaining health or preventing disease. However, mind-body prevention and good self-care are key to being healthy. Most people weren’t taught wellness practices in life or effective stress management skills or practices.

The most recent 2019 stress surveys show work as a leading source of stress, with 53% of employees also believing companies don’t care about their work balance or state of mind. Stress is a common theme in the work place and therefore the focus of most popular modules over the past 12 years. “We have dozens of stress management modules, because stress is very individual – and what is stressful to one person may not to another and it is important to understand what is perceived as stressful and where it comes from to effectively manage it,” says Kristin. It can be workplace stress due to environment or colleagues or workload where time management and team communication and emotional intelligence seminars make sense. Or, it can be personal stress based on life situations or simply the way you think. “What we see through our post surveys is these modules work and people change their lives with mindful awareness and better self-care habits. It works!”

The company’s programs and services are constantly evolving as a result of their client workplace needs. Kristin and her team encourage clients to survey the workplace and in order to provide customized solutions. “We are a customized wellness solution provider, and develop programs based on exact wellness needs of a school or workplace population.”

Presently affected owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, Kristin has ensured to migrate all her modules online. Unity has always had this capability but growth and rebounding today means communicating this as an obvious option. As per the steadfast leader, employees need these programs more than ever now and they can all be done online even incorporating exciting digital challenges that gamify, include team participation and track progress. “We have always offered webinar and digital wellness options but only 10% client workplaces have selected this option. Today it is a more likely selection as more virtual work teams exist, and we are here for just that,” says Kristin.

I also run a marketing agency of all-female marketing specialists called Unity Marketing Group. Unity is an incredible group of talented ladies and their combined talents allow them to offer full-service marketing across all channels and disciplines. “I have believed and witnessed throughout my career that smaller seasoned teams can be more effective than larger ones. We are a great example of this. We go head to head with agencies 4 times our size and deliver better faster results.” Entrepreneurs and business owners comprise 80% of the Unity Marketing client list. IE


Unity Wellness Group


Kristin Deyle
President & Founder of Unity Wellness Group


Unity Wellness Group™ LLC was founded in 2008 with a goal in mind: To help bring the health-transforming benefits of mind-body-spirit practices to businesses and schools, resulting in less stress and more productivity.

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