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Kevin Steer
CEO of 121Advisor

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“Guiding People Towards Success”

Kevin Steer, graduated from Cambridge University (UK) in 1978, and holds a Bachelor of Arts Engineering degree, a Master of Arts (Electrical Sciences) degree from Cambridge University UK, and a Master of Science (Computing) Degree from Imperial College, London, United Kingdom.

He started his career for Schlumberger Asia in 1979 as a Field Engineer and Manager. He was posted to China to run its USD 12 million annual operations in Liaohe.

In 1985, he left the company to pursue a Masters in Computing at Imperial College, UK. Kevin joined Artificial Intelligence Ltd, UK in 1988 as a Research Engineer working on massively parallel Artificial Intelligence applications. He played a major role as a Consultant with Strand Software Inc, US, Oregon Advanced Computing Institute in the US and was appointed as a consultant to Boeing Aerospace Inc, US (1989 –1990).

In 2010, he moved to Malaysia working as a Consultant to Computer Systems Advisers Bhd on a client server banking systems for a local bank.

121Advisor started as a FinTech & InsurTech company. In 2010 Kevin co-founded One Two One Advisor Sdn Bhd, providing FinTech & InsurTech solutions to the Banking, Insurance & Takaful sectors. 121Advisor’s product is called ‘Customer First Connected Enterprise Digital Framework’ that integrates all of the above solutions.

"As most millennials in Asia Pacific do not understand financial planning, and often max out their credit cards and get into debt; there is a need to help educate them on their lifestyle financial goals and recommend products that they can buy online.”

121Advisor motto is “We Don’t Follow Trends, We Pioneer Them”.

Over the past 10 years the company has implemented many disruptive online solutions including Referral Management with Marketing Automation (for Banks), Mobile Point of Sales, Online Direct Selling, Online Claims, Agency Distribution, Online Customer Service Portals & Corporate Websites. With the growth of AI & chatbots; 121Advisor implemented disruptive solutions including multilingual Chatbots & Robo Advisors along with AI based Predictive Analytics / Machine Learning for predicting New Products, Lapsation, Fraudulent Claims & future predictions for Investment Funds.

As a CEO & ‘techie’, Kevin has always been looking for new disruptive solutions to continue evolving the business. What was interesting was that he worked for an Artificial Intelligence Company in 1986, and that piqued his interest in AI. When 121Advisor started seeing the evolution of Chatbots, Robo Advisors, Predictive Analytics, Behavioural Intelligence & Robotic Process 03. About companies and individuals visionary thoughts & mission. Automation.

Future leaders need to develop solutions in other sectors to grow their business.

As most millennials in Asia Pacific do not understand financial planning, and often max out their credit cards and get into debt; there is a need to help educate them on their lifestyle financial goals and recommend products that they can buy online. With the launch of u12know, we see that this will become a disruptive knowledge portal offering advice on lifestyle financial & (in future) health goals. This will help them understand their needs and create a plan to help them build their lifestyle & business financial plans. For each country, this will be translated into the local language.

With the current pandemic ongoing, 121Advisor saw the need to offer financial services and health services online with lifestyle financial & health advice. We recently launched a knowledge portal u12know ( ) in Malaysia, that provides lifestyle financial advice (for single, married, family, retired & my business). This will be continuously be extended to include lifestyle financial goals with recommendations for financial and business products, including our multi-lingual chatbot & Robo Advisor (which provides advice on financial goals).

In future, u12know will include health and wellness calculators to advise people on their health and what they need to work on to get healthy; this will also include a “Total Health Score”, based on the health calculators to indicate whether they are very healthy, healthy, unhealthy or at risk.

We have grown to 20+ companies

121Advisor plans to launch u12know in Singapore, Indonesia, and other countries APEC including USA & Europe, where multi-lingual translations will be implemented.

121Advisor has grown significantly with 20+ companies, and we plan to go to other countries, including Singapore, where we have established a company in Singapore. IE




Kevin Steer
CEO of 121Advisor


One Two One Advisor Sdn. Bhd. (121Advisor) is a visionary technology solution and consulting services company founded by Kevin Steer with a team of talented professionals with a track record of success in serving clients across Financial, Insurance, Takaful & Services sectors in Asia region for the past 20 years.

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