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Kevin Kelly
Chief Executive Officer of Halo Privacy

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“Protecting Companies and Individuals”

Kevin Kelly, CEO of Halo Privacy, works with talented individuals who possess unique qualities. These qualities not only include the capability to stay ahead of the everchanging world of cybersecurity, but they also include the ability to assist the client base in quickly assessing their needs, both pre-and post-breach, ensuring their communications are locked down and secure (voice, video, text, email etc.), seamlessly protecting their companies’ critical intellectual property. “On a personal level, I bring the experience of having run a large, global, public organization and strong network of CEOs and executives that I have known for years.The trust associated with these relationships allows us, at Halo, to have an open and honest dialogue about the challenging issues that global CEOs and executives face on a daily basis pertaining to cyber risk,” says Kevin.

The steadfast leader welcomes competition as beneficial. It creates an awareness that cyber risk is something in which everyone must be acutely aware. Kevin states, “Since Halo was founded in 2015, we have come across an ‘It's not going to happen to me’ scenario from organizations, individuals, or corporations, alike, saying ‘they have it covered’ Not a day goes by without seeing a breach that impacts everyone- gas prices, meat prices, hospital machinery being shut down. It’s not only a matter of if a company will be breached, but when it will.”

"Halo offers every client a tailored privacy solution. For customers from government entities to corporations to family offices seeking a low profile, we place a secure “Halo” around our clients’ smartphones, laptops, smart homes and businesses that protects the information, intellectual property and personal privacy of everyone and everything inside the “Halo.”"

The company assisted a group of 30 medical students, traveling to Nicaragua, avoid a potentially unsafe situation. In May 2018, citizens took to the streets of Managua, Nicaragua, to protest government corruption. The government cut off all news outlets. With no available news or reporting, the Halo team began monitoring social media and secondary lines of communications to understand the depth of the situation. The team advised the client of the time and location of the deaths between the protesters, the police, and the Sandinistas, and the inability to safely access areas of the city using available transportation. The client canceled the travel plans just hours before departure. Within a few weeks, the death toll reached hundreds. Unrest continues till this day. The Halo team undertook this task by implementing military-grade social media exploitation software for 85 hours, over four weeks.

According to Kevin, the role of the CEO has always been very demanding. Yet, globalization, technology, and, now, the pandemic have exacerbated this trend, and put more strain on the leadership within organizations. Today's CEOs “lead from the center,” and leverage not only his or their IQ, EQ, and CQ (cultural quotient), but must have a preparedness within the leadership ranks that is at a new level. “At Halo, we have monthly ‘disaster scenario’ sessions where no crazy idea is left off the table. Then, we take a decision tree-based approach on what we would do if that particular scenario occurred, or if two or three scenarios happened at one time. An xample would be a situation like the recent Colonial Pipeline breach. What would happen if not only that occurred, but the power grid was hacked at the same time? What would be the impact? How would we help clients work through a scenario such as this?”

Halo has accomplished much in the past several years. They have witnessed client retention rates of over 90%. talented and elite employees, a culture of continuous learning, and alignment among the founders who share a common goal of protecting the constitutional right to privacy of both, individuals and corporations, have, all in all, built Halo into a company today that continues to succeed. “With six years of serving great clients and with amazing growth, the future of Halo is very bright. We will continue to align ourselves with our clients as we face an everchanging and difficult landscape when it comes to cyber threats,” says Kevin. “We continuously focus on product development to help current and future clients protect what matters- their right to privacy.” IE


Halo Privacy


Kevin Kelly
Chief Executive Officer of Halo Privacy


Halo Privacy was founded by like-minded experts with many years of experience in government and industrial secure communications who believe that genuine privacy is still possible. The Halo approach to securing privacy goes beyond just hardware and technology. A keen understanding that the greatest threats to privacy are often human, coupled with the know-how to assume an attacker’s perspective, have allowed Halo to protect the most sensitive information for grateful clients in the government and private sectors.

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