Kenichi Uchikura, President & CEO Pacific Software Publishing, 10 Best Entrepreneurs of Year 2020

Kenichi Uchikura
President & CEO Pacific Software Publishing

Kenichi Uchikura, President & CEO Pacific Software Publishing, 10 Best Entrepreneurs of Year 2020

“Helping Companies Grow By Designing Unique Software ”

Kenichi Uchikura, President & CEO of Pacific Software Publishing, Inc., has always believed that in order to be successful, one needs to sustain their business first. “Then build your business not by seeking one big bang, but rather spend time creating a sustainable business model,” he says. “At Pacific Software Publishing, Inc., we are not afraid to try something new. When we come up with an idea, we turn it into a product in a short period of time. You don’t need to understand everything to succeed but you will not have success if you don’t attempt new ideas.” Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. was born when Kenichi was sent to Seattle to run a Japanese computer software company’s office in the 1980’s. The goal of the company was to bring US software products to Japan. “When that company closed, I took over the business and started Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. with the goal of designing software to grow businesses.”

"PSPinc help your business thrive by providing you with all of its technology needs."

Being an entrepreneur, he exercises good judgement in solving complex problems related to all aspects of business. As a software development company, he and his team try to create something a customer wants. However, it is important for Kenichi to understand the market needs and provide software solutions to fulfill those needs instead of just making one system for one customer. The company is committed to helping businesses thrive in an online world with professional websites, email services and effective online marketing. “In 1996 we started hosting services which was before most other hosting companies,” says Kenichi. “PSPinc continues to be a solution provider for business users. We understand business requirements and focus on a high level of technical and customer support. We are a company focused on business customers.”

The company develops their own software and takes great pride in their multiple state-of-the-art data centers, providing the best in security and reliability. “We do build our own core software including email servers, filters and system management solutions. Since they are not open source based, our software is more secure with less security holes,” adds the steadfast leader. For 25 years, PSPinc has provided business hosting solutions for business customers. They recognized that their customers needed help building and managing their business websites. For instance, some companies would hire a freelance developer to build their website. However, once their site was launched, the customer was left struggling to make updates as their business evolved. The customer became frustrated that a simple change became very costly. To address the problem, PSPinc built their own in-house website builder, called WebdeXpress, exclusively available to their hosting platform. The simplicity of WebdeXpress allows customers to easily make changes to their website to meet the needs and challenges of their unique business. WebdeXpress focuses on ease-of-use with simple text and image updates. The ability to do these changes themselves saves the customers time and money.

The company is working towards understanding what are the future needs of their customers and how to design software to assist them in these changing business and social times. Like other companies during the Covid-19 pandemic, many of their staff are working remotely, which poses as a challenge when they are trying develop and introduce new products. “Despite that, we are currently working on a handful of new products to help businesses grow. We are re-evaluating software needs for companies working remotely and social distancing during the next 6 months to a year,” says Kenichi. “We ensure that we are always there for our customers, for even as little as a phone call. When you call us, a real person will pick up the phone and you will be able to talk to living people with names. Isn’t that what we want?” IE


Pacific Software Publishing


Kenichi Uchikura,
President & CEO Pacific Software Publishing


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