Kan Devnani, President & CEO of Comtex

Kan Devnani
President & CEO of Comtex

Kan Devnani, President & CEO of Comtex Certificate

“Relevant Content Through Technology”

Content providers are looking for increased visibility in the marketplace, especially to open web sites with strong viewership and recognition. But syndication is not enough; providers need real time click reporting, link tracking and the ability to allocate content from their feed to specific endpoints. Comtex has created a simple, streamlined technology platform that enables this for providers and allows them to try a different mix of endpoints every month. The high level of automation allows Comtex to syndicate content to key sites at a major price advantage.

"Comtex continues to expand its syndication reach and partner network while offering the most efficient return for client syndication dollars."

The amount of news generated each day is increasing by multiples every month. A part of this rise in content production is due to algorithmic and advertorial content. Distributors and endpoints alike need a way to filter out advertorial and misleading content. Comtex has developed automated technology which can continuously monitor a feed and quarantine purely advertorial or template-based content, reducing the high costs of dedicated editorial staff, protecting brand image and ultimately protecting end users. Finally, Comtex is developing machine learning based technology to automatically identify new topics as they emerge from its global content base and allow users to receive and follow targeted content as well as derived data and trends.

Comtex was built on the premise of embracing new technology and proprietary engineering where possible to achieve competitive advantages and combining that technology with customer service and long-standing industry relationships. Comtex has evolved from a News Aggregator delivering NewsML to a data analytics company offering API access, a syndication platform and soon a machine learning based insights platform. They use proprietary software utilizing their knowledge of how releases, reports, local and regional news from around the globe are constructed and formatted to create a normalized data warehouse. The company utilizes top reference and market data providers to augment the data and their software allows content to be categorized into products and selectively distributed to customers based on their needs. Through real-time FTP feeds offering NewsML compliant data including proprietary tagging, an HTTP based API and other formats as needed by clients.

One of Comtex’s key strengths is long standing relationships and willingness to quickly embrace new technologies and tools. They are willing to create bespoke solutions for clients and try to understand their business needs and workflow. The company uses open source natural language toolkits, HTML tokenization frameworks, machine learning, high availability load balancing and combining real time processing with selective pre-processing to improve performance. These technologies come together to effectively distribute content where it needs to go and make sure clients get the content they need.

It is pertinent to mention, several emerging content providers have worked with Comtex over the last 18 months. They had high quality proprietary content with good insights but needed to distribute at volume. Typical syndication platforms offering several hundred endpoints were prohibitively expensive for them. The Comtex solution allowed an easy tech integration and offered an a la carte menu of tactical endpoints so providers can control their spend and get results by paying for just what they need.

Comtex plans to expand its syndication reach and partner network, however they do not strive to be the biggest network, rather they want to offer the best efficiency for client syndication dollars. In addition, Comtex plans to adjust its business to insights, rather than just content, using the technology under development to help get clients to the key findings and information hidden in the data. Finally, Comtex will offer value add services for providers, allowing them to offer diverse multimedia content without having to produce it inhouse.IE




Kan Devnani
President & CEO of Comtex


Comtex News Network, Inc. is a leading news aggregation service that has successfully provided satisfied customers with customized news and content for more than three decades. A leading provider of compelling and useful electronic real-time news and content, Comtex has developed the methods and technology to meet constantly shifting demands of publishers and clients. With Comtex, customers get precisely the news and information you need—from many, varied high quality publishers—without any need to negotiate multiple contracts, formats, and integrations. With Comtex, it’s one contract, one consistent format, one integration plus the quality, fully licensed content that’s at the core of our business.

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